Community Challenge

Your community has always been there for you—now is your chance to share your success with your community. InVigor® hybrid canola has been a part of your farm and community for over 24 years. Submit your success story with InVigor between September 8 and October 30 for a chance to win one of eight $5000 prizes to help grow your community and an InVigor branded vest for yourself.

Submit your story through the online form by following the link below and filling out the required information.

Enter via Online Form

Use the form below for an entry into the InVigor Community Challenge. Share your story and follow these steps for your chance to win:

  1. Complete the required fields
  2. Upload a photo (optional)
  3. Click submit

About the InVigor Community Challenge

The InVigor Community Challenge is about giving back to the community. By sharing a success story that you have had with InVigor, you will now have a chance to help your community or organization that means the most to you.

Community prize details

Participants will have the chance to win one of eight $5000 prizes to help grow their community and an InVigor-branded vest for themselves.

InVigor hybrid canola.

InVigor hybrids are designed to address a wide range of challenges across the broadest spectrum of growing conditions. Multiple options mean multiple solutions for the challenges you face as a Western Canadian grower.

InVigor Results.

See how InVigor hybrids performed compared to the competition in your area with a Demonstration Strip Trial map that showcases localized trial results.