Growers are straight cutting across Western Canada.
Here's why.

As more canola growers in Western Canada look to increase efficiency on their farm, straight cutting is becoming an increasingly popular subject. Straight cutting canola has many benefits at harvest. These include faster field operations that can result in reduced time and labour costs, the potential for higher quality seed and a reduced risk of yield loss.

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Straight Facts on Straight Cut Canola

Preliminary results from PAMI (Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute) suggest that a pre-harvest treatment such as Heat LQ herbicide can save time and fuel at harvest. But water volume is key. Learn why from Tom Wolf of Agrimetrix Research & Training.

Straight Cutting in Action.

Discover why more and more growers across Western Canada are interested in straight cutting their canola.

Get time on your side with Heat LQ.

Applying Heat® LQ herbicide helps facilitate straight cutting by quickening the rate of your crop and weed dry down, resulting in improved field uniformity, a cleaner sample and reduced seed moisture. With well-defined pre-harvest application timing, Heat LQ is a great option for straight cutting any type of canola, including Roundup Ready®, Liberty Link®, and Clearfield® varieties.

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Best practices for straight cutting success.

Learn about the advantages of straight cutting and more by downloading our best practices guide for canola.

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The results couldn't be more clear cut.

The research is clear. Straight cutting with a pre-harvest herbicide quickens the rate of canola and weed dry down. It also reduces green plant material and canola dockage, improving the storability of harvested canola.

Greater yield potential was achieved when fields were straight cut compared to when they were swathed.

Reduced grain sample dockage was seen when Heat LQ-treated straight cut fields were compared to untreated straight cut fields.

Straight cut fields treated with Heat LQ showed greater crop dry down compared to untreated straight cut fields.

Reduced grain moisture was observed when straight cut fields were treated with Heat LQ plus glyphosate compared to fields treated with glyphosate alone.

It pays to spray at pre-harvest

By providing both contact and systemic activity, Heat LQ offers the benefits of both a harvest aid for faster, more complete dry down of your canola, crop and weeds. Take a look at these trial results comparing the effectiveness of a pre-harvest herbicide application prior to straight cutting canola.

Growers are straight cutting across Canada.
Here’s why.

Growers in Canada are starting to recognize that straight cutting helps reduce time-consuming field operations, cuts extra capital expenditures
and can save in terms of time, labour and equipment.

How do we know Heat LQ works?
Our growers told us so.

You’ve read everything you need to know about straight cutting canola. Now find out how Heat LQ for pre-harvest improves the straight cutting process – straight from our growers and experts.

  • “…when it gets dewy and damp at night where the crop is in a swath – you would be stopping… In the straight cutting scenario, that didn’t happen. It fed nice, it went through the combine nice. The straight cutting part of it was just very stress free.”
    - Kelly Reimer, Tisdale, SK

  • “Straight cutting canola helps us [with] time management. We don’t have to worry about swathing it. We also do see a bit of a yield increase. What we saw [as] a benefit [of] Heat LQ was dry down. We didn’t have the green stuff, green little pods and little leaves… We didn’t see any shatter loss at all. I will use Heat LQ again for sure.”
    - Jim Herder, Sylvan Lake, AB

  • “…Heat [LQ] did a marvelous job of desiccating and making the harvestability easier. I’m sold on straight cutting canola. I’m sold on Heat LQ in the future.”
    - Jeremy Pluim, Wetaskiwin, AB

Real growers. Straight stories.

If you have questions about straight cutting, we have answers.

Hosted by Shaun Haney from Real Agriculture and presented by BASF, The Straight Cutting Experience is a new podcast series that dives into the world of straight cutting canola. Listen as growers and industry experts from across Western Canada discuss their experiences and tips in this five-part series. You won’t want to miss it.

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EPISODE FIVE: Making straight-cutting choices a little more clear cut.

Guest: Shawn Senko, Saskatchewan

The harvest season is quickly approaching and with it comes an abundance of straight-cutting choices — which varieties are best, what header to use and which fields to desiccate. Listen as Shawn Senko, agronomist for the Canola Council of Canada, discusses what growers should be considering this fall. Be sure to stay tuned for the end of the podcast for a special announcement from BASF about Heat® LQ herbicide.

EPISODE FOUR: Uniform crop. Straight forward harvest.

Guest: Chris Zemlak, Saskatchewan

Chris Zemlak is planning to straight cut over half his canola acres this year. But if he had it his way, he would be straight cutting all of them. “There’s something fun about straight cutting canola with a 40-foot header, at 5 miles an hour and putting 40 to 50 bushels an acre in the back of the hopper.” Listen to Chris’ experience with straight cutting and discover how a well-knit, uniform crop can go a long way.

EPISODE THREE: Take control back at harvest.

Guest: Mark & Matt Ferguson, Alberta

Despite being new to straight cutting, Mark and Matt Ferguson have already seen a lot of progress. After trying the practice with a shatter-resistant variety on a small number of acres, they gained the confidence to expand to a larger number of acres. Find out how the Ferguson’s use straight combining as a solution for timing- and weather-related pitfalls at harvest.

EPISODE TWO: Five steps. Unlimited opportunities.

Guest: Kris & Bernie Klammer, Alberta

Straight cutting has been a part of Kris and Bernie Klammer’s operation since the 80’s. And it’s clear why. After seeing success over several years, they decided to straight cut 100% of their acres in 2016 and plan to do the same in 2017. Hear their valuable advice on fertility, pre-harvest herbicide use, disease management, equipment choice and storage.

EPISODE ONE: Canola innovation 30 years in the making.

Guest: Lee Erickson, Alberta

Since taking a stab at straight cutting almost 30 years ago, Lee Erickson was eager for a chance to try again. And as technology improved and newer, more straight-cut friendly canola varieties became available, Lee saw the window of opportunity open. Find out what else swayed his decision and hear about the benefits he’s been seeing over the past 3 years.

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