Heat® LQ herbicide for pre-seed and pre-harvest is a new, easy-to-use liquid formulation for faster fill-up times and improved tank clean out. Very rainfast and quickly absorbed, it provides improved control even under cool conditions. And it’s powered by Kixor® to control weeds resistant to Group 2 herbicides and glyphosate.

Missed the Webinar?

Thank you to all participants for joining the live BASF exclusive webinar for straight cutting canola. We hope you found the experience informative.

If you missed the live webinar, you can view a recording of the event and download the presentation to learn more.

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Straight to the facts.
The story on straight cutting canola.

Discover how straight cutting canola can increase harvest efficiency while saving labour, time and costs.

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Heat LQ Pre-seed

Fast, complete preseed burndown in convenient liquid formation.

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Heat LQ Pre-harvest

Harvest aid and desiccant for the ultimate crop and weed dry down.

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PeasPlus 2-pass solution

Its adds up to more yield potential.

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