Heat LQ - New liquid formulation.

The convenient and easy-to-use liquid formulation of new Heat® LQ provides faster fill-up times and improved tank clean out. Very rainfast and quickly absorbed, Heat LQ delivers complete weed control even under cool conditions. Heat LQ can be tank-mixed with glyphosate and applied pre-seed, pre-emergence or in chemfallow applications.

The ultimate pre-seed burndown.

Heat LQ herbicide complements and improves your glyphosate application with broadleaf weed control in as few as 3 to 5 days (depending on growing conditions). The innovative Group 14 chemistry provides an alternative mode of action that helps delay the onset of resistance and manages Group 2 and glyphosate resistant weeds.

Solutions for pulses from seeding to harvest.

Increase your production efficiency across the entire season. Discover the complete portfolio of BASF pulse crop products and how they can work for you.

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PeasPlus 2-pass solution. Its adds up to more yield potential.

Keeping peas weed-free through the critical weed-free period with Heat LQ and Viper® ADV herbicides can increase potential yield. See how they work together in the new PeasPlus 2-pass solution video.

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Less than ideal conditions? Not a problem.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Heat LQ for pre-seed and pre-emergent burndown and gain useful application tips for cereals and pulses. Then find out how the latest BASF research has shown that Heat LQ provides effective weed control even under cool temperatures – perfect for the unpredictable spring conditions of Western Canada.

Faster burndown.

Discover how Heat LQ provides a faster burndown for a cleaner start in cereal crops and pulses.

Time lapse competition

See Heat LQ perform against the competition in a time-lapse video showing control of Group 2-resistant redroot pigweed, kochia and cleavers.

Heat versus glyphosate

See Kixor control Roundup Ready canola, wild buckwheat and kochia in this time-lapse video comparing it against glyphosate only.

Heat LQ pre-harvest

Heat LQ harvest aid provides the ultimate crop and weed. It’s the only herbicide that does both.

Heat LQ for pre-harvest

Heat LQ is applied pre-seed or pre-emergent for broadleaf weed control in cereals and select pulse crops. It can also be used for chemfallow applications on actively growing weeds.

  • New, convenient liquid formulation provides faster fill-up times and improved tank clean out.
  • Very rainfast and quickly absorbed for quick, complete weed control even under cool conditions.
  • The active ingredient, Kixor® is rapidly absorbed by roots and leaves then quickly mobilizes throughout the weed for control in as few as 3 to 5 days (depending on growing conditions).
  • Its Group 14 chemistry provides an alternative mode of action to help control weeds that are resistant to Group 2 herbicides and glyphosate.

Heat LQ can be applied pre-seed/pre-emerge on the following crops.

Cereals Barley, Tame oats, Wheat (spring, winter, durum), Canary seed and Corn
Pulses Chickpeas (kabuli), Field peas, Lentils, Soybeans

The ultimate weed burndown.

In addition to the weeds controlled on the glyphosate label, Heat LQ provides excellent control of the following weeds up to the 8 leaf stage.

  • Canada fleabane1
  • Cleavers (4 whorls)
  • Dandelion3 (15 cm height)
  • Flixweed
  • Kochia1 (15 cm height)
  • Lamb’s quarters
  • Narrow-leaved hawk’s beard (8 cm height)
  • Redroot pigweed2
  • Round-leaved mallow
  • Stinkweed2
  • Volunteer canola2,4
  • Wild buckwheat2
  • Wild mustard2

1 Includes Group 2-resistant and glyphosate-resistant biotypes.
2 For suppression of secondary flushes, use higher application rate of 59 g/ac (146 g/ha).
3 Top growth burndown control only of perennial plants, control of spring germinating plants.
4 All herbicide-tolerant canola systems including glyphosate-tolerant canola.

Heat LQ herbicides delivers fast control at cool temperatures.

See how Heat LQ herbicide performs when applied with glyphosate on broadleaf weeds in cool conditions.

The fastest burndown under cold conditions.

Watch this video to see how Heat LQ provides effective weed control even under cold conditions* to help you get your crops off to a clean start.

*Temperatures ranging between 8-11 degrees Celsius.

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Hear what growers say about the results they've seen.

  • It’s important to have another mode of action on our farm when we’re spraying, and Heat fits that really well.

    Brian Andrew
    Craven, SK
  • I would recommend Heat LQ after using it just one year. It was easy to handle and it worked really well.

    Ken Cubbon
    North Battleford, SK
  • I would definitely recommend Heat LQ to anyone to try next year.

    Dennis Connor
    Beechy, SK
  • Based on what we’ve seen this year, I would definitely recommend Heat LQ. It’s done an excellent job on our farm.

    Murray Huber
    Lipton, SK

The critical weed-free period in peas.

All crops have a defined critical weed-free period. Weed competition during this stage can cause substantial loss in yield potential right up front. For peas the period is from emergence to the 3rd node.

Keeping peas free of weeds early and right through to canopy is essential for higher yields.

Keeps early peas weed-free.

The PeasPlus 2-pass solution is a recommendation specifically designed to keep peas clear during the critical weed-free period. This manages weed competition, allowing the crop to maintain its potential.

It starts with a Heat® LQ herbicide high-rate application at pre-seed/pre-emergence, then follows up with Viper® ADV herbicide in-crop from the 3rd to 6th node in peas.

The result is management of weeds from crop emergence, through the critical weed-free period right through to canopy closure. Target weeds include kochia, cleavers, redroot pigweed, stinkweed, volunteer canola, wild buckwheat and wild mustard, all of which are supported by BASF.

The ultimate burndown in pre-seed or pre-emergence.

  • Residual suppression of key flushing weeds (at high rate of 30 acres per case).
  • Broadleaf control in as few as 3 to 5 days.
  • Group 14 chemistry controls weeds resistant to glyphosate and Group 2 herbicides.
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Proven, broad-spectrum weed control in field peas.

  • Multiple modes of action to manage resistant weeds.
  • Controls wild mustard and volunteer canola.
  • Excellent rotational freedom.
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There’s no comparison when it comes to PeasPlus.

Watch this timelapse video to see how PeasPlus compares to the leading, competitive 2-pass solution. Witness the quick burndown and residual activity delivered by Heat LQ, followed by effective in-crop control by Viper ADV.

See the difference.

Take a look at how Heat LQ at 30 acres per case and Heat LQ followed by Viper ADV perform in managing key tough weeds.

View the video.

Learn more about how Heat LQ and Viper ADV work together to keep peas clean and protect yield potential in this video about the PeasPlus 2-pass solution.

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