Heat LQ – Fast-acting liquid formulation.

The convenient and easy-to-use liquid formulation of Heat® LQ provides faster fill-up times and improves tank clean out. Very rainfast and quickly absorbed, Heat LQ delivers complete weed control even under cool conditions. Heat LQ can be tank-mixed with glyphosate and applied pre-seed, pre-emergence or in chemfallow applications.

The ultimate pre‑seed burndown.

Heat LQ herbicide complements and improves your glyphosate application with broadleaf weed control in as few as 3 to 5 days (depending on growing conditions). The innovative Group 14 chemistry provides an alternative mode of action that helps delay the onset of resistance and manages Group 2 and glyphosate resistant weeds.

A valuable tool for fighting resistance: Knowledge.

Register for the 2018 Herbicide Resistance Management Webinar today. It’s your chance to get the latest information and insights on the subject from industry-leading experts. In addition to gaining invaluable knowledge, you’ll also earn one CEU credit.

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Less than ideal conditions? Not a problem.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of Heat LQ for pre-seed and pre-emergence burndown and gain useful application tips for cereals and pulses. Then find out how the latest BASF research has shown that Heat LQ provides effective weed control even under cool temperatures – perfect for the unpredictable spring conditions of Western Canada.

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Crop Solutions

Solutions for pulses from seeding to harvest.

Increase your production efficiency across the entire season. Discover the complete portfolio of BASF pulse crop products and how they can work for you.

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Season-long solutions for soybeans.

Growing soybeans can be challenging for many reasons. To give your crops the best fighting chance, BASF offers a complete range of soybean solutions throughout the season.

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PeasPlus 2-pass solution. It adds up to more yield potential.

Keeping peas weed-free through the critical weed-free period with Heat LQ and Viper® ADV herbicides can increase potential yield. See how they work together in the PeasPlus 2-pass solution video.

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SoybeansPlus 2-pass solution. Double your odds for better soybeans.

You can reduce your yield losses in soybeans by 5% if you keep your fields clean during the critical period for weed control. Whatever variety you’re growing, the SoybeansPlus 2-pass solution has the products that are right for the job.

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