Priaxor is the undisputed leader in pulse fungicides1.

Get a more advanced pulse fungicide for more advanced results.

It's no wonder more growers trust Priaxor® fungicide. With its powerful combination of two proven active ingredients, Xemium® and pyraclostrobin, Priaxor provides superior disease management in pulses. Together, they deliver more consistent and continuous disease control, increased growth efficiency and better management of minor stress.

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Inside job: The power of mobility.

What separates Priaxor from ordinary fungicides are the unique translocation and mobility characteristics of the active ingredient Xemium. They help the fungicide better reach and control disease within the plant.

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Going above and beyond great disease control.

Thanks to the active ingredient pyraclostrobin, pulse crops prosper with the benefits2 of AgCelence®. In addition to effective disease control, fungicides with these benefits have been proven to interact with plants, causing beneficial physiological responses3.

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Heat LQ + Fungicide Bonus

Double the innovation. And the savings.

Purchase a minimum of 320 acres of the qualifying BASF fungicides and receive a $1 rebate for every matching acre of Heat® LQ herbicide. With six fungicide options included in the rebate, you can choose innovative solutions that work best for your operation.

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A better start for your flax. A better finish for you.

Ensure your flax crop continues to flourish by protecting it against in-season disease with an application of Priaxor fungicide, the proven standard for disease management.

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