Biostack the odds in your favour.

Nodulator PRO 225 preinoculant system
Nodulator® PRO 225 plus Integral® biofungicide delivers the same benefits as HiStick® PRO, providing preinoculated seed with up to 225 days on-seed survivability in a treatment that’s professionally applied by seed companies.

The Nodulator PRO preinoculant system
The professionally applied Biostacked preinoculant with the nitrogen-fixing rhizobium of Nodulator PRO (formerly HiStick PRO) plus the biofungicide activity of Integral.

Nodulator N/T inoculants
Nodulator N/T (formerly HiStick N/T) is Biostacked with two beneficial biologicals for higher performance and yield potential in soybeans.

How it Works

Formulations designed for enhanced performance.

Available exclusively through seed companies, with all the same benefits of Nodulator PRO plus market leading on-seed survivability of up to 225 days.

Professionally applied Biostacked inoculant with low application volumeand preinoculant convenience.

Biostacked, ready-to-apply, sterile peat-based carrier with nitrogen-fixing rhizobium and B. subtilis bacterium, for grower application. Approved and supported for organic production.

Grower-applied liquid formulation for on-seed or in-furrow applications, with up to 30 days on-seed survival.

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