Match your weed and disease management efforts.
And we’ll maximize your savings.

The Match & Max Offer is your chance to save while maximizing your soybean and corn yields with some of the industry’s leading crop solutions. You’ll receive a 5% rebate when you purchase a minimum of 120 acres of qualifying herbicides matched with 120 acres of qualifying fungicides.

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Weeds thrive on the usual. Serve them something new.

For broad-spectrum, rapid weed control in glyphosate-tolerant corn, leave it to the PRO. New Armezon® PRO herbicide provides rapid control of tough weeds to keep corn clean and protect yield potential.

Looks like the latest soybean innovation has met its match.

New Engenia® herbicide is an advanced dicamba formulation with lower-volatility properties delivering improved broadleaf weed control in dicamba-tolerant soybeans.

A more advanced fungicide for more advanced results.

Combines the active ingredient Xemium® with the proven benefits1 of AgCelence® to deliver more consistent and continuous disease control.

Improved disease control. Amplified AgCelence benefits. Maximized yield potential.

New Headline® AMP fungicide delivers improved disease control in corn along with increased AgCelence benefits1.

Keeping soybean fields clean comes to choosing the right tools.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the best approach for managing weeds in soybeans. Whether you’re growing a herbicide-tolerant system or identity preserved varieties, BASF has the solution to fit your needs.

1 AgCelence benefits refer to products with the active ingredient pyraclostrobin.

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