The Clearfield® Production System is bar-none the best way to grow lentils. With high performing red and green Clearfield lentil varieties and an unrivalled portfolio of crop protection offerings, it’s designed to maximize your lentils’ quality and yield potential. So why settle for half measures? Get the complete system for lentils working for you.

And new in 2016, Solo® ADV herbicide will be available and provides the re-cropping flexibility of Solo herbicide in a new, convenient liquid formulation.

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Solutions for pulses from seeding to harvest.

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It’s the only system that delivers everything you need to produce a superior lentil crop.

  • High-performance varieties
  • Superior, crop-safe weed control
  • Industry-leading fungicides
  • User-friendly system for commitments and registration
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The word is out. And the word is great.

We could go on all day about the virtues of Clearfield lentils. But sometimes, we prefer to let our growers do the talking.

  • “I think Clearfield lentils is definitely something that’s going to change the way we grow lentils. It gives you the opportunity to probably do a few more acres, for some guys. You don’t have to do two applications, you don’t have to do any pre-emerge, only post-emerge.”
    Calvin Watson, Avonlea, SK
  • “I think Clearfield lentils is a great leg up in weed control for growers - it's a 100% improvement. It's the future of lentil production. This is a great improvement over the old style of weed control.”
    Brian Stirton, Moose Jaw, SK
  • “I would recommend Clearfield lentils to other growers. Definitely I would. Not only for the weed control options but the varieties that have come out in the last couple of years are definitely an improvement over what we used to have.”
    Kurt Zell, Delisle, SK
  • “The top benefit of Ares® is the volunteer canola control. Compared to the Odyssey® DLX, you could really see the difference in control. The mix-ability is definitely easier, too, in terms of ease of handling. It definitely helps…I’d use Ares again for its ease of use and improved control of volunteer canola.”
    Curt Gessell, Delisle, SK
  • “I found that with the Ares product it was very easy to handle, had excellent buckwheat control. Within about four or five days we saw burning down of the buckwheat even at the four- and five-leaf stage. I was very happy with the Ares on the buckwheat control in lentils. I’ve also used it in canola and saw much the same. Just happy with the product and the overall handability was good.”
    Mike Heindrich, Davidson, SK
  • “Ares has better weed control. It’s good to handle, the fact that it’s not granular. Those are the two things that set it apart…I would say that Ares is going to improve the Clearfield lentils system. One of the biggest concerns with lentils is weed control and harvest management. If the weed control is better, then it’s definitely a big step forward.”
    Lucas Sutherland, Eston, SK
  • “I’ve been growing Clearfield lentils since they were introduced, and the first year or two we had phenomenal results. The system is still very strong: on the chemical side with the introduction of Odyssey DLX after Odyssey, and with new varieties…Once farmers realize the benefits of Clearfield lentils it’s a fairly easy switch to this system from conventional lentil production. They see the benefit of cleaner fields from better weed control, where conventional lentils are really week. In conventional lentils there is not a real good way of controlling certain weed groups, and Clearfield takes care of that.”
    Walter Fast, Kindersley, SK
  • “The biggest thing we noticed from the first time we used Clearfield Production System and lentils is that all herbicides that we used in the past had inadvertent herbicide damage. If you didn’t think that you’d weren’t showing herbicide damage, you were…We were finding some major harvestability issues. A lot of that had to do with using the tools that were in our toolbox and they weren’t that well. We immediately adapted the Clearfield chemistry in our lentils and we found immediate just the harvestability benefits number one and increased yields because of we’re no longer damaging with herbicides that were available.”
    Brad Hammer, Govan, SK

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