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Each year, BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions invests in the communities where we live, work and serve. This year, we’re giving back bigger and better. Our judging panel has selected five finalists per province. Now you vote for the winners!

WIN 1 OF 3

$25,000 PRIZES1

A community organization from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will each win2 $25,000 to help grow their communities.

WIN 1 OF 3

$25,000 PRIZES1

A community organization from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba will each win2 $25,000 to help grow their communities.

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Vote for a community organization in each province—a total of up to three votes—for their chance to win $25,000!


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Hope Bridges Society

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Hope Bridges Society is a non-profit organization in Strathmore and Wheatland County that facilitates the connection of all community members through inclusive music, movement, and arts programs, with a focus on adults who experience isolation for any number of reasons, which can affect their health and well-being.

Our programs create access to a community with as few barriers as possible. Programs are designed with excellent facilitation, equity, and accessibility top of mind so all individuals have access to the same opportunities and have the fullest possible engagement in their communities and to create meaningful social connections. At the heart of our organization is the knowledge that everyone belongs and is included, supported, and seen in the community.

Hope Bridges Society will continue to advocate for inclusion, and it is our commitment to keep listening, learning, and working together to do our best to build a stronger and more connected community for everyone.

Irvine School Agriculture Discovery Centre

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Established in 2022, the Irvine School Agriculture Discovery Centre (ADC) is a micro-farm located right on the playground of Irvine School. It is home to a variety of production livestock, a large garden, a greenhouse, an innovative vermicomposting system as well as small crop plots.

The ADC serves to cultivate agriculture connections that will prepare our students to develop thriving societies, flourishing economies, and healthy environments. The program’s foundation is rooted in applying sustainable innovation to a system that is student-led.

According to a recent report released by RBC, 40% of farm operators will retire by 2033. While at the same time, the agriculture industry will be called upon to grow more food using less land and fewer resources. To reach our potential, as a global leader in the production of low-carbon, sustainable food, Canada must make intentional, innovative, and strategic investments aimed at developing the agriculture leaders of tomorrow, today.

If we receive funding through the Growing Home with BASF project, the ADC will develop an Ag-Pro CAREERS options course for junior high school students to expand our Careers and Technology Foundations (CTF) options. Our students will explore interests, passions and skills while making personal connections to the amazing career possibilities in agriculture. We will establish and build relationships with industry professionals in the areas of agronomy, animal health, crop production and protection, livestock production, agriculture science, research, technology, and specialty crops (greenhouse).

Our Ag-Pro CAREERS CTF option course will be offered to our students during the 2023-2024 school year in 6-week intervals. Throughout the course, students will research careers, travel to partner organizations, and make connections to form an authentic understanding of the fantastic career choices available in agriculture.

Funds will be used to develop course content, purchase materials, pay for busing and to provide an honorarium for our partner organizations. Once developed, we will have a template that can be shared with other schools throughout our school division and beyond. This program will kindle hearts, ignite minds and forge futures while our students make authentic connections to the agriculture industry.

We must prepare our students to pursue careers that don’t yet exist, using technology that hasn’t yet been invented, to solve problems we can’t even imagine. (The Element Ken Robinson)

Marwayne Fire and Rescue

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Marwayne Fire & Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers that donate their time to provide fire, rescue and first response services to the Village of Marwayne and surrounding area. We would use the $25,000 to purchase a side by side unit with water tank and pump for fighting wildland fires. With the recent fire calls that we have had we feel that this unit would better equip us to get into remote areas. We are continually replacing old equipment and upgrading our training to meet the needs of the community. We are honored to be chosen as one of the finalists in this contest.

Rosalind Recreation Association

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The Rosalind Recreation Association is an exceptional organization that provides vital resources for the community by maintaining a wide range of facilities that support youth sports, community events and outdoor recreation activities. They ensure that the community has access to a well-maintained arena, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, concession booth and are also in the process of constructing a new Frisbee golf course.

Moreover, the Rosalind Recreation Association supports the local youth by offering various sports programs such as soccer, minor baseball and school sports along with financial support when needed. These programs provide children with opportunities to learn new skills, build teamwork and stay active. The association also hosts an annual senior slow pitch tournament that brings together community members of all ages and fosters a sense of camaraderie.

We, as an association would use the $25,000 prize money to continue our work of maintaining and improving the sports grounds and campground in the village of Rosalind and further enhance the existing facilities, such as the tennis courts that are being converted to accommodate pickle ball. Additionally, the association would use the funds to beautify the grounds by planting flowers, trees, and shrubs, creating a more inviting atmosphere for visitors and residents.

In conclusion, the Rosalind Recreation Association is an essential organization that provides invaluable resources to the community. They work hard to ensure that the community has access to well-maintained sports facilities, youth sports programs, and community events.

We take great pride in our facilities and following our town’s motto: SMALL…BUT STRONG.

Tofield Agriculture Society

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To encourage improvement in agriculture, horticulture, homemaking, and quality of life in the agricultural community be means of providing recreation and agricultural events; facilities for recreation, agricultural and community events for the residents of Tofield and area.

Should the Agricultural Society be successful in their Grant submission, the funds would be used directly to offset the purchase of a chiller unit. Through recent discovery, the chiller unit has been determined to have met its life expectancy, with the inability for repair, meaning, full replacement. The chiller is an essential component of the ice plant, and integral to producing ice for the winter months. Truly, without this vital component, the ice season for 2023-24 is unlikely to proceed. This would result in a detriment to our users such as Minor Hockey, Can Skat, Figure Skating, Adult League Hockey, and public skating to name but a few. The usage of the arena extends from Tofield proper to Beaver County, potentially affecting thousands. Further, the costs for chiller replacement are near to $200,000.


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1 Rules and Regulations:
The voting period begins on May 15, 2023 at 12:00 a.m. MT and ends on May 31, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. MT (the “Voting Period”). During the Voting Period, individuals that: (i) reside in Canada; and (ii) have reached the legal age of majority in their province or territory of residence, will be able to visit and submit a vote (each, a “Vote”) for their favourite Finalist’s Nomination by following the on-screen instructions. There is a limit of one (1) Vote per person, per Region (for certainty, a person may submit up to three (3) Votes in total, one (1) for a Finalist’s Nomination per Region).
Each Nomination that obtains the highest number of total Votes per Region during the Voting Period will be selected as an eligible winner (for certainty, there will be one (1) eligible winning Nomination selected per Region and three (3) eligible winning Nominations selected in total). The odds of being selected as an eligible winning Nomination from among the Finalists per Region depend on the number of Votes each such Finalist’s Nomination received during the Voting Period. The calculation of Votes received for each Finalist’s Nomination is scheduled to be completed on or about June 13, 2023 (the “Selection Date”).

2 No purchase necessary. Full rules and contest details here.