Whether you’re looking for the ultimate burndown or the ultimate dry down, new Eragon LQ has you covered for multiple crops.

Discover its pre-plant and pre-emergent applications for superior control of a broad spectrum of weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate, triazine and Group 2 chemistries. Then explore pre-harvest applications of Eragon LQ for a quicker, more efficient harvest.

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Convenient, rapid and improved. That’s LQ.

The convenient and easy-to-use liquid formulation of new Eragon LQ provides improved tank clean out. With its quick absorption and rapid rainfastness, Eragon LQ delivers fast, complete weed control.

Eragon LQ for Pre-plant and Pre-emergence

Eragon LQ herbicide provides the ultimate burndown in an easy-to-use liquid formulation for pre-plant in soybeans as well as pre-plant and pre-emergence in cereals. So you can get your crop off to the best possible start.

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Eragon LQ for Pre-harvest

Eragon LQ as a harvest aid and desiccant delivers the ultimate crop and broadleaf weed dry down in dry beans and soybeans. Plus, Eragon LQ is now registered for pre-harvest weed management in cereals. Get improved harvest efficiency and reduce the number of days until harvest.

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