This is a very exciting time for digital technology in agriculture. At BASF, we've demonstrated our commitment to these emerging technologies with our recent acquisition of ZedX Inc., an industry leader in digital agricultural intelligence.

In response to customer input, we will continue to intensify our focus on tools and services that provide agronomic-decision and product-application support. As a result, BASF is migrating responsibility for the Compass Grower and Compass Grower Advanced platforms to Affinity Management Ltd., the provider of Compass Grower.

As of May 8, 2018, all Compass Grower and Compass Grower Advanced user agreements and subscription agreements will be transferred and assigned to Affinity Management Ltd. and Affinity Management Ltd. will assume responsibility for providing the Compass platform and associated services.

If you have any questions regarding Compass Grower or Compass Grower Advanced subscriptions, please contact Affinity Management Ltd. at 1‑866‑278‑9530.