Clearfield wheat and Altitude FX 2.

Herbicide-tolerant Clearfield® wheat is the only choice for complete control of volunteer barley and cereal off types, and with Altitude FX® 2 herbicide - specifically designed for use with the Clearfield wheat system – control of grass and broadleaf weeds has reached new heights.

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It’s all in the genes.

Clearfield wheat varieties help you grow the cleanest wheat.
Learn more about top yielding genetics and herbicide tolerant traits today.

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See what all the buzz is about.

Interested in how Clearfield wheat performs? Gain insights from the field with these informational videos, charts and more.

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Grower experience says a lot.

The word on Clearfield is spreading across Canada. Hear what growers have to say about their experience with Clearfield wheat.

  • "Clearfield wheat fit perfectly into our rotation. We needed something to put on our barley and this came along – a wheat that you can put on barley stubble and when you harvest it, you have no barley in there. It worked – slick!"
    Stanley Wasilewski, North Battleford, SK
  • "Altitude FX did a really good job. Very pleased with it. Swathing was great and combined easily."
    Gordon Tuck, Vegreville, AB
  • "The Clearfield system it gives another option to clear these Group 1 resistant wild oats, and so on that is becoming fairly common in this area. It is extremely good on volunteer barley; I don't think anything is as good as Altitude FX on volunteer barley. That's where it really shines."
    Stan Schulmeister, Castor, AB
  • "We had a side-by-side comparison between another wheat variety and the VR5604 CL. The VR5604 CL out-yielded the other variety by 4.2 bushel/acre. The chemical worked a lot better. With the herbicide program, we had no wild oats. On the Clearfield variety, the Altitude FX2, seemed to work quite well. On the wheat variety beside it, we had some wild oat issues."
    Hal Ching, Darlingford, Manitoba
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