Tough weeds
in Canola? Strike back
with a little 'Tude.

Get a new mode of action pre-seed for a new level of certainty.

To maximize canola yield, you need to put the smackdown on weeds early. New Certitude® herbicide is the pre-seed solution that provides exceptional control of challenging weeds like kochia and volunteer canola. And as the first Group 27 chemistry that's registered for pre-seed use in canola production, it also contributes to improved sustainability. We've stepped up our game. Now it's your turn.

See it in action.

Watch this video for a quick introduction to the benefits of Certitude. You’ll also see how it compares versus an untreated check and a competitive herbicide.


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Hitting the field with Certitude.

Certitude was showcased at our recent virtual field tours in Lethbridge, Alberta. Click to check out the 360° experience that puts you in the field as well as a video that features Certitude's benefits and performance results.


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The toughest weed challenges.

Because weeds compete with the crop for critical resources like light, water and nutrients, they can seriously impact the yield potential and quality of canola. The top two weeds on canola growers' minds today are resistant kochia and volunteer canola1. Approximately 80% of kochia can emerge before the crop, and volunteer canola can have the same herbicide tolerance traits as your seeded hybrid canola. That’s why early removal is essential for control of these weeds at the right stages and before you seed your crop, to ensure your establishment is off to the best start.

1Source: 2019 AgData

A simple solution.

Growers can manage these challenges by being proactive with a pre-seed application of Certitude herbicide. It delivers effective control of volunteer canola and kochia that are resistant to Group 2, 4 and 9 chemistries. As the first Group 27 registered for use in canola, Certitude can be used as part of your herbicide rotation plan, contributing to your long-term sustainability.

Weeding out disease.

Not only does volunteer canola steal valuable resources from canola, it can host diseases that are primarily managed with genetic resistance like clubroot and blackleg.

Source: Canola Grower's Manual, Canola Council of Canada, 2011

Be proactive.
And more profitable.

Research shows that controlling weeds proactively in canola pays off more than trying to manage them after the fact.

Source: Canola Council Trials; 1998 to 2000

Results that speak for themselves.

See how Certitude performs on kochia and volunteer canola versus the competition

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Check out the Certitude product page for everything you want to know about this advanced new chemistry, including application tips, weeds controlled, tank-mix partners, follow crops and more.

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