The fungicides your cereal crops need.

To improve cereal quality, BASF believes there are several key periods for growers to consider. Crop establishment and disease management are crucial stages for controlling disease, enhancing crop quality and increasing yield potential.

Cereals staging chart

Crop Establishment

As growers seed into cool, wet conditions, they face challenges like seed- and soil-borne diseases during early crop development. Using the proper seed treatment is imperative for promoting even germination and emergence in cereals.

Broad-spectrum protection against seed- and soil-borne diseases, including those caused by Fusarium spp. (including F. graminearum), cochliobolus, pythium, smuts and bunts.2

  • Provides the benefits1 of AgCelence® with more consistent and increased emergence, even under cold conditions2
  • Increased seedling vigour, both above and below ground2
  • Enhanced ability to manage exposure to environmental stresses2
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Disease Management

With up to 65% of your cereal crop’s yield potential depending on its last two leaves, you’ll want to use a preventative fungicide that manages disease at the flag-leaf stage. Ensure the quality of your cereals by applying a fungicide at the beginning of flowering to prevent fusarium head blight.

Protect and build yield potential at flag-leaf2 with the benefits1 of AgCelence.

  • Unlike other fungicides, Twinline® fungicide provides the unique benefits of AgCelence, resulting in crops with greener leaves, stronger stems and higher yield potential2
  • Utilizes multiple modes of action for preventative control of all major leaf diseases
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Protect your investment with Caramba® fungicide at heading. It defends against tough diseases in cereals to protect quality and preserve yield potential when it matters most.

  • Proven protection against fusarium head blight (FHB) and effective control of later season foliar diseases such as septoria and tan spot
  • Reduces deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination to preserve quality and grade
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1AgCelence benefits refer to products that contain the active ingredient pyraclostrobin.
2 All comparisons are to untreated unless otherwise stated.

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Insure Cereal fungicide seed treatment, Twinline and Caramba fungicides are all qualifying products in the AgSolutions® Rewards program. When you add them to the qualifying BASF products you’re already using, you can earn up to an additional 3%* in AgSolutions Rewards.

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* Minimum purchase of 600 total acres of any BASF crop solution products.
Purchase must consist of at least 2 eligible Qualifying Products, each with a minimum of 160 acres. Other conditions apply.

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