Sustainability though innovation

Our commitment to the future of Canadian agriculture.

Successful farming depends on many factors. From reducing risks due to weather, weeds and disease, to effective stewardship of land and agricultural products, to the use of new technologies that help to get more from each acre. At the centre of it all is change. And the understanding that constant innovation is vital to meeting the current and future needs of Canadian farmers.

Information and knowledge sharing

Useful agronomic information for growers, with resources to help achieve the best results possible.

Beyond crop protection

BASF is continually developing new ways to benefit Canadian growers beyond crop protection products.

Products and best practices

Using products in ways that are supported by expert recommendations helps to ensure their continued effectiveness.

Social responsibilities

BASF understands that its responsibility to Canadian agriculture must also include the larger community.


BASF is a member of CleanFARMS, supporting proper management of agricultural waste.