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Give your soybeans life, liberty, and clean fields.

If looking to liberate your fields from weeds, look no further than the LibertyLink® soybean system. The LibertyLink soybean system provides your fields with high-performing advanced genetics, powerful, broad-spectrum weed control, while also addressing resistance management.

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Weed Management

Weed Type Liberty® 200 SN
Barnyard grass Control
Bristly foxtail Control
Fall panicum Control
Giant foxtail Control
Green foxtail Control
Large crabgrass Control
Proso millet Control
Quackgrass Suppression
Volunteer barley -
Volunteer wheat -
Wild oats Control
Witchgrass Control
Yellow foxtail Control
Weed Type Liberty 200 SN
Canada thistle Suppression
Chickweed Control
Cleavers -
Common purslane Control
Common ragweed Suppression
Cow cockle -
Dandelion -
Eastern black nightshade Control
Field bindweed Suppression
Flixweed -
Green smartweed -
Hemp-nettle -
Jimsonweed Control
Kochia -
Lady’s thumb Control
Lamb’s quarters Control
Perennial sow thistle Control
Redroot pigweed Control
Round-leaved mallow -
Russian thistle -
Scentless chamomile -
Shepherd’s-purse Control
Stinkweed Control
Stork’s-bill -
Velvetleaf Control
Volunteer canola -
Volunteer flax -
Wild buckwheat Control
Wild mustard Control
Wormseed mustard Control


Great crops start with great genetics. The LibertyLink® trait is available in a variety of soybean options.

Contact your seed company representative to get more information on these varieties.


  • PS 0610 NLL
  • PS 1210 NLL
  • PS 2410 NLL
  • PS 2834 NLL


  • LC1070

Dupont Pioneer®

  • P21A8L
  • P25A82L
  • P29A85L

Resistance Management

Herbicide Resistance: Are you at risk?

Herbicide resistance is an issue that every grower faces. How you choose to manage resistance today impacts your crops now as well as in the future.

Making use of the LibertyLink soybean system is just one of the tools you can have in your belt to manage resistance.

What strategies can you employ to minimize resistance?

Weeds thrive on routine. The general rule? Rotate.

Rotate crops. Certain weeds are more prevalent in certain crops. By rotating the crop, you vary the weed population, along with the herbicide class used to control these weeds.

Rotate herbicides. Constant use of one herbicide puts selection pressure on a particular weed population, increasing the likelihood for resistance development.

Rotate modes of action. As appealing as some yields may have been with a certain mode of action, repeated use of this mode of action gives resistant weeds the opportunity to set seed, multiply and spread.

How does the LibertyLink soybean system contribute to resistance management?

The LibertyLink soybean system utilizes a unique Group 10 mode of action that provides broad-spectrum control of weeds. Add the LibertyLink soybean system to your rotation practices provides you with another effective herbicide that provides a novel mode of action.

What crops can I grow the year after seeding LibertyLink soybeans?

Any crops. Due to the rapid breakdown of Liberty products in soils, the system creates no cropping restrictions for the next year.

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