Consistent performance from swath hybrids.

At BASF, we understand that not every acre of your operation is ideal for straight cutting. InVigor® swath hybrids are the best fit for these fields. Swath hybrids from InVigor provide top-performing genetics to maximize the yield potential of every acre of your operation.

Swath hybrids.

A consistent top performer, InVigor L252 continues to offer incredible yield performance and strong standability with mid-season maturity. InVigor L252 won the 2018 third-party Canola Performance Trials (CPTs) for the sixth straight year (average of all growing zones in swath trials). It was also the winner of the 2018 InVigor Swath DSTs.

Yield potential 110% of new checks (InVigor 5440 and Pioneer 45H29) in 2011/2012
WCC/RRC trials2
Maturity 1 day later than the average of checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Very strong
Blackleg rating R (resistant)
Growing zone All growing zones
Herbicide system(s) LibertyLink

1 To predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of registration. InVigor L352C shares the same 1st generation clubroot resistance profile.
2 Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee (WCC/RRC) trials.

Suitable for all growing zones, new InVigor L352C offers a significant jump in yield potential and features first generation clubroot resistance.1 This hybrid yielded 104% of InVigor L252 in the internal InVigor trials. It’s an ideal hybrid for growers who prefer to swath their canola.

Yield potential 108.6% of the checks (InVigor 5440 and Pioneer® 45H29) in the 2017/2018 WCC/RRC trials2
104% of InVigor L252 (n=28 trials, 2018)
Maturity Half a day earlier than InVigor L252
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Strong
Blackleg rating R (resistant)
Growing zone All growing zones
Herbicide system(s) LibertyLink®
Agronomic trait(s) First generation clubroot resistance1