The results grow for themselves.

For over 23 years, you've trusted InVigor® hybrid canola to consistently deliver top yields and innovative solutions to your farm. This year, we're introducing two new InVigor 300 series hybrids that have the potential to be the highest-yielding hybrids you've ever seen—each with their own unique agronomic fit to suit your farming needs.

We're also excited to launch InVigor RATE—a target plant population recommendation to help maximize the potential of your InVigor canola, supported by industry-leading packaging innovation.

2020 InVigor hybrid canola lineup.

See everything you need to know about the updated InVigor hybrid canola lineup for the 2020 season, including the new 300 series hybrids.

Breaking the yield ceiling in 2020.

This year we're introducing a new series of InVigor hybrids. These two hybrids show so much potential we've decided they justify introducing an entirely new series of InVigor canola, the 300 series. The new 300 series hybrids offer the latest innovations to match the needs of your operation.

Pod Shatter Reduction, clubroot resistance and exceptional yields—all in one.

New InVigor L345PC offers a significant jump in yield potential over InVigor L233P and features our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology plus first generation clubroot resistance. This hybrid is suitable for all growing zones.

Dependable clubroot protection.

InVigor L352C offers yield potential that exceeds InVigor L252. Along with outstanding yield, it also features first generation clubroot resistance and is suitable for all growing zones. This hybrid is ideal for growers that prefer to swath.