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The results grow for themselves.

For over 23 years, you've trusted InVigor® hybrid canola to consistently deliver top yields and innovative solutions to your farm. This year, we're introducing two new InVigor 300 series hybrids that have the potential to be the highest-yielding hybrids you've ever seen—each with their own unique agronomic fit to suit your farming needs.

We're also excited to launch InVigor RATE—a target plant population recommendation to help maximize the potential of your InVigor canola, supported by industry-leading packaging innovation.

2020 InVigor hybrid canola lineup.

See everything you need to know about the updated InVigor hybrid canola lineup for the 2020 season, including the new 300 series hybrids.

Breaking the yield ceiling in 2020.

This year we're introducing a new series of InVigor hybrids. These two hybrids show so much potential we've decided they justify introducing an entirely new series of InVigor canola, the 300 series. The new 300 series hybrids offer the latest innovations to match the needs of your operation.


Pod Shatter Reduction, clubroot resistance and exceptional yields—all in one.

New InVigor L345PC offers a significant jump in yield potential over InVigor L233P and features our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology plus first generation clubroot resistance. This hybrid is suitable for all growing zones.


Dependable clubroot protection.

InVigor L352C offers yield potential that exceeds InVigor L252. Along with outstanding yield, it also features first generation clubroot resistance and is suitable for all growing zones. This hybrid is ideal for growers that prefer to swath.

Make every plant count.

Maximizing the yield, performance and consistency of your InVigor® hybrid canola takes more than just innovative seed genetics. Unlock the potential of InVigor by optimizing seeding rates to produce the ideal target plant population in your fields.

Five advantages of InVigor RATE:

  1. Optimizing yield: Targeting an optimal plant population that will allow InVigor hybrids to perform even more consistently
  2. Simplicity: Seeding rate recommendations make it easy to achieve 5 to 7 plants/ft2
  3. Planning: Easier to predict the number of bags needed and cost, since each bag will seed the same number of acres
  4. Consistency: Each bag contains the same amount of seed
  5. Easy to understand: The TSW ranges and recommended seeding rates are clearly marked on the bag, making it simple to calibrate your drill

InVigor RATE in the field.

Take a virtual tour of InVigor RATE, a targeted plant population recommendation that maximizes the potential of your InVigor hybrid canola.


Learn more about our new InVigor packaging, launching in the 2020 season. The improved packaging makes it easy to implement a targeted plant population in any field.

Seeding RATE Calculator.

Determine the optimal seeding rate for your farm using our NEW Seeding RATE Calculator.

Target plant population.

Learn more about how implementing a target plant population on your farm can help maximize the yield, performance and consistency of your InVigor canola.

Solutions that last the season.

Maximizing your canola's yield potential isn't limited to one part of the season – it spans from seeding to harvest. See how our innovative portfolio can help maximize your crop's yield potential throughout the season.

Solutions for canola


Liberty herbicide.

Safeguard the yield potential of your InVigor® hybrid canola with the powerful protection of Liberty® herbicide. The unique Group 10 chemistry helps you tackle tough weeds and manage resistance.

Select herbicide.

Protect against grassy weeds with one post-emergent pass. Tank mix with Liberty herbicide for enhanced grassy weed control in your InVigor hybrid canola.

Eragon LQ herbicide.

Take control of your canola harvest with Eragon® LQ herbicide. Tank mixed with glyphosate, it will dry down both the crop and weeds for a faster, more efficient harvest, and cleaner fields the following spring.

Distinct herbicide.

Complements glyphosate for superior chemfallow and post-harvest control.


Priaxor fungicide.

Priaxor® fungicide delivers multiple-mode-of-action control for increased performance. It’s a more advanced fungicide that helps maximize yield potential.1

1 All comparisons are to untreated, unless otherwise stated.

Cotegra fungicide.

The new era in sclerotinia management is here. You work hard to grow the best canola. Don’t let sclerotinia get in the way of achieving your crops maximum yield potential.

Seed quality.

InVigor® hybrid canola is known throughout Canada for its exceptional quality seed and high yield potential. BASF upholds all of its products, systems and services to the highest standards, making it our priority to ensure exception customer satisfaction attained through best practices during production, local field trials and programs. BASF support all of our products, systems and services with professional and knowledgeable representatives ready to assist you.

BASF regularly and rigorously tests InVigor hybrid canola through our exceptional quality control processes to ensure all our customers receive consistent, high-quality seed. To maintain our standards, we ask all our customers to return unopened bags of InVigor hybrid canola seed for proper storage and re-testing. Only unopened bags that have not been compromised qualify for returns. For more information, contact your local BASF representative or AgSolutions® Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

Liberty & Trait Agreement

What is the Liberty & Trait Agreement?

The Liberty & Trait Agreement (also known as the LTA) is a contract between BASF and its grower customer which provides the grower with the opportunity to possess and use certain innovative traits and technologies like LibertyLink® certified canola seed, LibertyLink® certified soybean seed, Liberty® herbicide and InVigor® Choice (which contains LibertyLink trait technologies and TruFlex™ canola with Roundup Ready® Technology*).

Some LTA Basics:

  • All growers must sign the LTA prior to their first purchase.
  • The LTA remains valid from the date of sign-up until the grower or BASF terminates the LTA.
  • Growers signing the LTA agree to use these products strictly in accordance with certain terms and conditions. By way of example:
    • Seed can only be used by the Grower to plant a commercial crop in Canada and the harvest from that crop can only be sold into a commercial grain system.
    • Growers are not permitted to plant or grow a crop from the harvested grain, nor use the crop, grain or these products for breeding or research.
    • Liberty herbicide can only be used on permitted or authorized crops.
  • Growers signing the LTA also consent to the use of transactional information to assist in the administration and enforcement of the LTA which includes procedures for monitoring and safeguarding BASF’s intellectual property, such as audit rights.

Access to Innovation:

The LTA is more than just a contract. Ultimately it helps support BASF’s breeding research and development which, in turn, amplifies BASF’s ability to bring new hybrids to market with innovative trait technologies and yield enhancements.

How to get an LTA:

  1. Contact your authorized LibertyLink seed and/or Liberty herbicide retailer;
  2. Contact your local BASF representative; or
  3. Call AgSolutions® 1-877-371-2273 for further details

Click here to see the LTA.

*Growers who purchase InVigor Choice must have a valid LTA and a valid Technology Stewardship Agreement.

AgSolutions, InVigor, Liberty and LibertyLink are registered trademarks of BASF Corporation. Roundup Ready© and TruFlexTM are trademarks of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada ULC licensee. © 2019 Bayer Group. All right reserved.