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The flexibility of choice.

Introducing the first InVigor® Choice canola hybrid with both the LibertyLink® technology system and TruFlex Technology. InVigor Choice LR344PC is the first canola hybrid of its kind to combine the exceptional yield performance of InVigor with multiple built-in herbicide trait technologies. You'll now have the flexibility to apply either Liberty® herbicide or Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide in whichever order you choose in a two-pass system.

This new InVigor hybrid helps provide control of the toughest weeds on your farm without sacrificing yield—and it delivers first generation clubroot resistance. You'll also benefit from the ultimate harvest flexibility with our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology.

Choice weed control in the field.

Here’s your chance to take a virtual tour of the first ever InVigor Choice hybrid in the field.

Choice hybrid.

As part of the 300 series, InVigor Choice LR344PC is the first ever InVigor Choice canola hybrid with both the LibertyLink technology system and TruFlex with Roundup Ready® Technology. Led by InVigor genetics, you choose whether you’d like to use Liberty® herbicide or Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide. InVigor Choice LR344PC features both the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and first generation clubroot resistance.

Yield potential 104.1% of the new checks (InVigor L233P and Pioneer® 45H33) in 2018 WCC/RRC trials*
103.6% of InVigor L233P (n=12 trials, 2018)
Maturity 1 day later than the average of checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Strong
Blackleg rating R (resistant)
Growing zones All growing zones
Herbicide system(s) LibertyLink and Truflex with Roundup Ready Technology
Agronomic trait(s) Patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology
First generation clubroot resistance

*Western Canadian Canola/Rapeseed Recommending Committee (WCC/RRC) trials.

Is InVigor Choice a good fit for you?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, InVigor Choice could be a great solution for your operation:

  1. Looking for the benefits of high-yielding InVigor genetics with the ability to use Roundup herbicide?

    InVigor Choice will provide you with the yield performance of an InVigor hybrid, as well as the ability to use Roundup to control the toughest weeds.

  2. Difficulty finding time to complete your pre-seed burndown prior to seeding your canola?

    InVigor Choice will provide you with the flexibility to make an in-crop application of Roundup.

  3. Finding it challenging to manage herbicide resistance?

    Having the strength of both the LibertyLink and TruFlex herbicide systems allows you to control weeds with multiple herbicides containing different modes of action.

  4. You have an active volunteer canola management plan.

    Effectively control volunteer canola with the flexibility to apply Liberty or Roundup in crop, depending on the herbicide tolerance of the weed.

Manage volunteer canola.

If you're planning to grow InVigor Choice LR344PC, be sure to have an active volunteer canola management plan:

  • Add an alternative mode of action to glyphosate in your pre-seed burndown
  • Maintain a minimum 3-year canola rotation
  • Manage canola volunteers in rotational crops
  • Reduce harvest loss that can result in canola volunteers
  • Scout fields and keep detailed notes

For more information, check out the Canola Council of Canada's recommendations on controlling volunteer canola at

Please note: If you have plyphosate-resistance weeds, InVigor with only the LibertyLink trait is better suited for your needs.

InVigor Choice may not fit all cropping rotations. For more information, please contact your local BASF representative, retail or agronomist to decide where InVigor Choice can best benefit your operation.

InVigor Results.

Visit to see a newly-enhanced Demonstration Strip Trial (DST) map that features localized trial results and compares the performance of InVigor hybrid canola versus the competition.