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Get The Most Out Of Your InVigor

After extensive trials, it has been determined an optimal plant population of 5 to 7 plants/ft2 maximizes the performance of your InVigor hybrids.
  • Can improve yield performance.
  • Maximizes seedbed utilization and available resources (light, moisture, nutrients).
  • Promotes uniform maturity and improved standability.
  • Improved management from stressors such as heat, low moisture and disease.
  • Improves crop competition which helps control weeds.

InVigor – Seeding Rates

Optimal seeding rates and plant survivability.

Achieving your optimal plant population (5 to 7 plants/ft2) requires careful consideration of both your seeding rate and plant survivability.

BASF recommends planting 10 seeds per square foot to target your ideal plant population. This number is based on the average survivability of InVigor® hybrids being 60%. However, every field and season are different, so ongoing monitoring to understand the unique survivability of your fields is essential to your crop’s success.

Establishment and survivability counts.

STEP 1: Establishment Count

This count is performed at emergence, following your first application of Liberty® herbicide (to remove potential weeds). Simply count the number of plants in a linear foot of a row and measure row width.

Plant density is determined by:

PLANTS/FT2 = (Average # Of Plants In Linear Foot of Row / Row Width (inches) x 12

STEP 2: Fall Stubble Count

Survivability (number of plants that contribute to your yield) is determined from your fall stubble count after harvest. Simply count the number of canola stalks within a linear foot of a row and know your seeding rate.

Survivability is determined by:

% SURVIVABILITY = Number of Plants/FT2 (fall stubble count) / # Of Seeds Planted (Seeding Rate (lbs/ac) / TSW (grams) / 0.096) X 12

Survivability is dependent on more than just crop practices.

Pest pressures, unfavourable weather conditions and other crop stressors will have an influence on your crop’s survivability. When/if plant populations fall outside the ideal 5 to 7 plants/ft2, adjust your seeding rate accordingly.

Common Crop Stressors


  • Disease
  • Insects
  • Weeds

  • Equipment calibration
  • Soil conditions
  • Seeding depth and speed
  • Crop residue
  • Fertilizer placement

Seeding rate.

The table below provides an excellent tool for fine tuning your seeding rates to achieve your desired plant stand. The numbers are manipulated through thousand seed weight and survivability.

For more information on how to identify the TSW please visit the Resources page.

*Recommended rates on the bags are based on seeding 10 seeds/ft2 to achieve 6 plants/ft2 (ie. assuming 60% survivability). Results vary based due to environmental factors and management practices.

InVigor Seeding RATE Calculator

Determine the optimal seeding rate for your InVigor hybrid canola.

The Results Grow For Themselves

For over 22 years, you’ve trusted InVigor® hybrid canola to consistently deliver top performing yields and innovative solutions for your farm. It is in that same spirit that we’re proud to bring you this year’s 2019 InVigor hybrid lineup for Eastern Canada. The lineup features a NEW Evolution hybrid for 2019, InVigor L234PC, which features both our patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and built-in clubroot resistance.

2019 InVigor Hybrids

No two fields are the same. That’s why InVigor canola hybrids are designed to address a wide range of challenges across the broadest spectrum of growing conditions. Multiple options mean multiple solutions for the challenges you face as an Eastern Canadian grower.

The table below makes choosing the best hybrids that are the best fit for your farm simple.

High Yield Potential InVigorL234PC Very Strong InVigorL233P Very Strong InVigorL241C Very Strong InVigorL252 Very Strong InVigorL255PC Very Strong
Standability InVigorL234PC Strong InVigorL233P Strong InVigorL241C Very Strong InVigorL252 Very Strong InVigorL255PC Very Strong
Environment Delays Seeding InVigorL234PC Early Maturity InVigorL233P Early Maturity InVigorL241C InVigorL252 InVigorL255PC
Blackleg Resistance InVigorL234PC R Rating
InVigorL233P R Rating
InVigorL241C R Rating
InVigorL252 R Rating
InVigorL255PC R Rating
Clubroot Resistance InVigorL234PC Very Strong InVigorL233P InVigorL241C Very Strong InVigorL252 InVigorL255PC Very Strong
Designed for Straight Cutting InVigorL234PC Pod Shatter
Reduction Hybrid
InVigorL233P Pod Shatter
Reduction Hybrid
InVigorL241C InVigorL252 InVigorL255PC Pod Shatter
Reduction Hybrid
Minimize Early Fall Frost Risk InVigorL234PC Early Maturity InVigorL233P Early Maturity InVigorL241C InVigorL252 InVigorL255PC


Hybrid Maturity (days)1
InVigor L233P Maturity (days)1Over 3 days earlier
InVigor L234PC Maturity (days)13 days earlier
InVigor L241C Maturity (days)11 day earlier
InVigor L252 Maturity (days)11 day after
InVigor L255PC Maturity (days)12 days after

1Average maturity in days versus the average maturity in days of InVigor 5440 from InVigor internal trials.


Hybrid Standability2
InVigor L233P 2Strong
InVigor L234PC Standability2Strong
InVigor L252 Standability2Strong – Very Strong
InVigor L255PC Standability2Very Strong
InVigor L241C Standability2Very Strong

2 Results may vary based on management practices and environmental factors.

Find The Best Fit For Your Farm

Mix it up with multiple InVigor hybrids.

How using multiple InVigor hybrids can benefit your farm:
  • Different maturity dates provide greater flexibility with respect to swathing and harvest timing.
  • Early flowering can benefit you by reducing the risk caused by unfavourable weather conditions around harvest.
  • Multiple resistant hybrids allow for management of blackleg resistance without having to switch herbicide-tolerant systems.
  • Gain confidence in new varieties by trying them on a smaller scale.

InVigor L255PC

InVigor L255PC is a medium-height hybrid with excellent standability and performance. The hybrid is well suited for growers in mid- to long-growing zones. InVigor L255PC separates itself from all others due to its very impressive standability and the benefits of both Pod Shatter Reduction technology and clubroot resistance.

Yield potential 109% of the checks (InVigor 5440, Pioneer® 45H29), 2016 trials
Maturity 1.50 days later than average checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Very strong lodging resistance
Blackleg rating Blackleg resistant
Growing zone Mid to long growing seasons in Canada
Herbicide system LibertyLink® herbicide system
Agronomic trait Pod Shatter Reduction

Clubroot resistant*
InVigor L233P

InVigor L233P was grown on more acres in Canada than any other canola hybrid in 2018*. Featuring the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology trait, this early-maturing high yielding hybrid provides greater harvest flexibility for growers looking to manage their workload during the busy harvest season. InVigor L233P won the 2017 Canola 100 contest with yield of 85.88 bu./ac.

Yield potential 108.8% of the checks (InVigor 5440, Pioneer 45H29), 2014/2015
WCC/RRC Trials
Maturity Over 3 days earlier than the average checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Strong lodging resistance
Blackleg rating Blackleg resistant
Growing zone All growing zones in Canada
Herbicide system LibertyLink herbicide system
Agronomic trait Pod Shatter Reduction
InVigor L234PC

NEW InVigor L234PC is the latest Evolution hybrid featuring both the patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology and NEW 2nd generation multi-genetic clubroot resistant traits. This hybrid offers outstanding yield protection and strong standability similar to InVigor L233P. With a maturity three days earlier than the checks, this hybrid is a great fit for growers in clubroot-affected areas.

Yield potential 104% of the checks (InVigor 5440 & Pioneer® 45H29), 2017 WCC/RRC trials
Maturity 3 days earlier than average checks
Height Medium
Standability Strong
Blackleg rating Blackleg resistant
Growing zone All growing zones in Canada
Herbicide system LibertyLink® herbicide system
Agronomic trait Pod shatter reduction

2nd generation multi-genetic clubroot resistance*

*To predominant clubroot pathotypes found in Canada at the time of product registration. InVigor L255PC, and InVigor L241C share the same clubroot resistance profile. The NEW InVigor L234PC contains this resistance profile, plus a 2nd generation multi-genetic clubroot resistance to additional clubroot pathotypes to help combat evolving clubroot pathotypes.

InVigor L241C

With InVigor L241C, you can expect strong standability and higher yields from this mid-maturing hybrid that’s well suited to all clubroot-affected regions of Canada. InVigor L241C won the 2016 Canola 100 contest with yield of 81.43 bu./ac. and won the 2017 InVigor Clubroot Yield DSTs.

Yield potential 102% of new checks (InVigor 5440, Pioneer 45H29), 2012/2013 WCC/RRC
Co-op Trials
Maturity 1 day earlier than the average of checks
Height Short to medium
Lodging resistance Very strong lodging resistance
Blackleg rating Blackleg resistant
Growing zone All growing zones in Canada
Herbicide system LibertyLink herbicide system
Agronomic trait Clubroot resistant*
InVigor L252

A consistent performer, InVigor L252 was grown on more acres in Canada than any other canola hybrid in 2016 and 2017*. This hybrid continues to offer incredible yield performance and enhanced standability with mid-season maturity. InVigor L252 won the 2017 Canola Performance Trials (CPTs) for the fifth straight year (average of all growing zones).

Yield potential 110% of new checks (InVigor 5440, Pioneer 45H29), 2011/2012
WCC/RRC Trials
Maturity 1 day later than the average of checks
Height Medium
Lodging resistance Very strong lodging resistance
Blackleg rating Blackleg resistant
Growing zone All growing zones in Canada
Herbicide system LibertyLink herbicide system

BASF Ag Rewards

Take advantage of the BASF Ag Rewards Program and maximize your savings on premium BASF crop solutions products.

InVigor Innovation

InVigor is the result of constantly improving innovative seed genetics and agronomic potential. From its humble beginnings of covering 20000 acres in Canada in 1997, InVigor has grown to represent over half of the canola acres in Canada as the go-to canola hybrids growers trust.

You work relentlessly to make the most of your acres, so we’re continually working on providing you with superior hybrids; continually striving to minimize your risk and increase your yield.

Reducing pod shatter.
How we harvest our canola has seen a dramatic change in recent times. Swathing is losing ground to straight cutting in terms of harvesting technique. BASF is predicting that as much as 40% to 50% of canola in Western Canada will be straight cut by 2020.

How you harvest is determined by a number of factors. While there are many potential benefits to straight cutting or delayed swathing, pod shatter reduction technology gives you the added freedom and flexibility of deciding how to best harvest your crop.

The unique patented Pod Shatter Reduction technology of select InVigor canola hybrids will continue to allow growers to take advantage of straight cutting and its potential yield-enhancing qualities. This technology works by allowing the pods to fill for a longer period of time, resulting in a fuller pod, larger seeds and lower green seed counts. This technology may also minimize management challenges in future years by reducing the amount of volunteer canola in fields by ensuring seeds end up in your bin.
Tips for straight cutting.
  • Seeding rate: An even plant population ensures a uniform stand, resulting in even maturation of fields.
  • Hybrid selection: Choosing hybrids that were designed to be straight cut, such as InVigor L140P, InVigor L234PC, InVigor L233P and InVigor L255PC, can increase harvest potential in your crops.
  • Weed control: Weeds, especially ones that are still green, make straight cutting more of an issue while harvesting, as well as in storage.
  • Disease control: Increased shattering is a potential consequence of diseases such as scletotinia and alternaria black spot, resulting in uneven maturity.
  • Weather conditions: Cooler, overcast days are optimal for straight cutting to minimize shattering.
  • Combine and reel speed: Straight cutting requires you to re-evaluate your combine settings, which typically involves slower harvest speeds. Ensure the speed of the reel matches your combine speed if using a reel.
  • Monitor for green material: There is a higher probability of plant material making it into the sample with straight cutting, so ensure you monitor your harvested canola seed.
Clubroot management with InVigor.
Clubroot has the potential to significantly lower yield in canola. Incorporating a hybrid with clubroot resistance into your integrated management practices is an excellent tool to aid in disease management.

InVigor L255PC, InVigor L234PC and InVigor L241C hybrids have been developed to be resistant to the predominant clubroot pathotypes in Canadian canola fields.

New clubroot pathotypes may become dominant in clubroot populations if canola hybrids with similar resistance profiles are repeatedly employed in the field. To prolong the value of resistant hybrids, BASF suggests employing hybrids as a part of a larger integrated strategy to prevent or manage clubroot.
Controlling volunteer canola.
Cross pollination in canola fields means volunteer canola can contain herbicide-tolerant traits. At BASF, we provide you with multiple control options for these herbicide-resistant volunteer canola varieties.

Seed Returns

InVigor hybrid canola is known throughout Canada for its exceptional quality seed and high yield potential. BASF upholds all its products, systems and services to the highest standards, making it our priority to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction attained through best-practices during production and local field trials and programs. BASF supports all our products, systems and services with professional and knowledgeable representatives ready to assist you.

BASF regularly and rigorously tests InVigor hybrid canola through our exceptional quality control process to ensure all our customers receive consistent, high quality seed. To maintain our standards, we ask all our customers to return unopened bags of InVigor hybrid canola seed for proper storage and re-testing. Only unopened bags that have not been compromised qualify for returns. For more information, contact your local BASF representative or BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).



Liberty 200

Liberty 200 herbicide provides innovative group 10 chemistry with broad-spectrum control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.