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Residual control of key annual grasses and select broadleaf weeds.

  • Group 15 chemistry delivers control of tough weeds, including resistant pigweed and green foxtail
  • Residual activity controls germinating weed seedlings before or soon after crop emergence
  • Wide window of application from early pre-plant to early post-emergence in corn

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Broadleafs – prior to emergence Common waterhemp
Redroot pigweed
Grasses – prior to emergence Barnyard grass
Crabgrass (large)
Foxtail (green, yellow, giant)
Ryegrass (Italian)
Research has shown suppression of kochia, lamb’s quarters and wild oat.1

1 Suppression of these weeds is currently being assessed for registration under the Pest Control Products Act. Product not registered for this use. It is a violation of the Pest Control Products Act to use this product in a non-registered application. Always read and follow label directions.

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How it Works

  • The residual activity of this Group 15 active provides consistent control of grass and broadleaf weeds, with flexible application timing
  • Requires rainfall to go into solution to then be taken up by the roots and shoots of germinating weeds before or shortly after emergence

Application Tips

Restricted entry interval – 12 hours

Minimum seed depth is 2.5 cm for corn and 4 cm for soybeans.

Zidua SC herbicide must be applied and activated by moisture prior to weed emergence. When adequate moisture is not received after Zidua SC application, weed control may be improved by irrigation (except flood irrigation).

Do not use on peat or muck soils with 7% or more organic matter.
Do not apply more than one application of Zidua SC per season.

When to Apply

Crops Staging
Field corn Pre-seed2, pre-emergence, early post-emergence up to 4-leaf
Herbicide-tolerant soybean Pre-seed2, pre-emergence

2Up to 30 days before planting.

How Much to Apply

One case of Zidua SC herbicide will treat 40 to 80 acres, depending on soil texture.

Rate/ha by soil texture
Crops Coarse Medium-Fine
OM ≤ 3%
3% < OM < 7%
Field corn, herbicide-tolerant soybean 101 ml/ac (250 ml/ha) 134 ml/ac (332 ml/ha) 169 ml/ac (417 ml/ha) 200 ml/ac (493 ml/ha)

Water volume
Ground application only - 40 L/ac (10 gal/ac) minimum

Mixing order

Add products separately. Do not mix multiple products at the same time.

  1. Use a 50 mesh filter screen and fill clean tank ½ to ¾ full of water.
  2. Add water conditioners if needed.
  3. Add a Wettable powder or water dispersible granular (WG) tank-mix partner if applicable.
  4. Agitate.
  5. Add a Micro-encapsulated (ME) tank-mix partner if applicable.
  6. Add the required amount of Zidua SC herbicide.
  7. Add a Liquid, solution or suspension tank-mix partner if applicable.
  8. Add an Emulsifiable concentrate (EC) tank-mix partner if applicable.
  9. Add Glyphosate if needed.
  10. Add any Surfactants or adjuvants if required.
  11. Fill the remainder of the tank with water. If the solution is left for an extended period of time, agitate once every 8 hours before spraying again.

Note: A detergent-based cleaning solution should be used before changing over to a different chemistry.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for corn: Armezon® 3, Aatrex® Liquid 480, Engenia® 3, Heat® LQ3, glyphosate 4

Herbicides for soybean: Engenia3, 5, Heat LQ3, 5, glyphosate4

3 As per PMRA memorandum “Use of Unlabelled Tank Mixes of Commercial Class Pest Control Products Used for Crop Production or Vegetation Management” dated October 27, 2009. Follow all precautions and restrictions for each product label.
4 Pre-seed or pre-emergence only. Glyphosate present as isopropylamine salt, di-ammonium salt or potassium salt.
5 For herbicide-tolerant soybean systems only.

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 4.05 L jugs
Product Article #: 59017869
PCP #: 32542
Gross Weight of Package: 10.81 kg
Units/Pallet: 30
PTS - T/L (48 foot): 40
Warehouse Stack Height: 4
Heated Storage: Yes – keep above -5° C
Flash Point: No flashpoint - >100° C
NFC Class: N/R
TDG Information: Not classified as a dangerous good under transport regulations

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