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Tensile herbicide provides Clearfield® canola growers superior wild buckwheat control with rotational freedom.

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Grassy weeds controlled Barnyard grass
Green foxtail (wild millet)
Persian darnel
Volunteer barley
Volunteer durum wheat
Volunteer spring wheat*
Volunteer tame oats
Wild oats
Yellow foxtail
Grassy weeds suppressed
Japanese brome grass
Broadleaf weeds controlled Cow cockle
Green smartweed
Redroot pigweed
Russian thistle
Volunteer canola*
Wild buckwheat
Wild mustard
Broadleaf weeds suppressed  Annual sow thistle
Canada thistle**
Perennial sow thistle
Round leaved mallow

*Non-Clearfield wheat/non-Clearfield canola only.
**Top growth only.

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How it Works

  • Think of the weeds that really destroy your canola yields. Chances are good that Tensile herbicide can rid them from your fields.
  • Tensile delivers superior wild buckwheat control compared to glyphosate. It even provides suppression of Canada thistle and sow thistle.

Application Tips

  • Tensile should be applied early to maximize yield.
  • To optimize herbicide performance, apply Tensile in warm weather to actively growing weeds.
  • Do not apply Tensile if freezing temperatures are forecast or immediately after a frost or unseasonably cold weather.
  • Temperatures near freezing (below 5°C) will prevent optimum herbicide performance because the weeds are not actively growing.

Please note: Use on Clearfield XCEED® canola will cause crop injury

When to Apply

  • Tensile herbicide should be applied from the 2 - 6 leaf stage of Clearfield canola development and after weeds have emerged.
  • To control broadleaf weeds, apply Tensile from the cotyledon to the 4-leaf stage of weed development. To control grasses, apply Tensile when the weeds are between the 1 and 4 true leaf stages, until early tillering.

How Much to Apply

  • One case of Tensile herbicide treats 40 acres and should be applied in a minimum water volume of 100 L/ha (40 L/ac).
  • As with most contact herbicides, Tensile requires higher water volumes for optimal control.
  • Merge® adjuvant is included in the case and should be mixed in at a rate of 0.5% v/v.

Follow Crops

The year following Tensile herbicide application, the following crops may be grown in the treated field:

Canary seed
Clearfield canola
Clearfield XCEED
Durum wheat
Field peas**
Spring barley
Spring wheat
Tame oats
Winter wheat

**Some re-cropping restrictions may apply under certain soil/environmental conditions.

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 235 g SOLO + 2 x 809.6 g Lontrel® +
8.1 L Merge®
Product Article #: 59011593
PCP #: 25496 SOLO / 23545 Lontrel / 24702 Merge
Ontario Classification #: N/A
Gross Weight of Package: 11.2 kg
Units/Pallet: 12
PTS - T/L (48 foot): 26
Warehouse Stack Height: 6 pallets
Heated Storage: Yes > 5C
Flash Point: 65 °C
NFC Class: N/A
TDG Information: N/R

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