New, superior control of broadleaf weeds in a pre-seed application to start the season with cleaner fields.

  • Post-emergence burndown of emerged weeds and residual pre-emergence control of secondary flushes of volunteer canola prior to seeding wheat and barley
  • Provides control of tough winter annual and perennial weeds when applied as a tank-mix with glyphosate
  • Burndown control of resistant broadleaf weeds including Group 2-, 4- and 9-resistant biotypes of kochia

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Weed Management1

Weed Class Weeds Controlled
Broadleaf weeds up to the 8-leaf stage (except where indicated) Canada fleabane (15 cm)
Canada thistle1(15 cm)
Cleavers (4-whorl stage)
Lamb's quarters
Narrow-leaved hawk's beard (8 cm)
Redroot pigweed
Round-leaved mallow
Volunteer canola3
Wild buckwheat
Wild mustard

1When applied with glyphosate. It is recommended that Smoulder only be used when tank mixed with glyphosate.
2Including Group 2-, 4- and 9-resistant biotypes.
3Provides control of secondary flushes (including Roundup Ready® and LibertyLink®) in addition to burndown control of volunteer canola (all types).

How it Works

  • Smoulder provides post-emergence burndown control of broadleaf weeds.
  • Smoulder provides residual pre-emergence control of secondary flushes of volunteer canola.
  • Smoulder provides broad spectrum weed control, including grass weeds, when applied as a tank-mix with glyphosate.
  • Smoulder contains Group 2 and Group 14 ingredients to provide modes of action for effective control of many weeds, including resistant weeds

Application Tips

Restricted entry interval - 12 hours.

Pre-harvest Interval (PHI)

60 days when used as a pre-seed application.

When to Apply

Crop Staging
Barley Pre-seed
Wheat (incl. durum, spring and winter) Pre-seed

1Post-harvest application is only to be used prior to seeding wheat or barley.

How Much to Apply

One case of Smoulder herbicide treats 80 acres.

Crop Application Rate
Barley 11 g/ac (28 g/ha)
Wheat (incl. durum, spring and winter) 11 g/ac (28 g/ha)
Post-harvest 11 g/ac (28 g/ha)
All Applications

Merge® adjuvant – 200 to 400 ml/ac (0.5 to 1 L/ha)2

Water Volume

Ground application only – 20 to 40 L/ac (5 to 10 gal/ac)

2The higher rate of Merge adjuvant is recommended for higher weed densities and when environmental conditions at the time of herbicide application may negatively impact herbicide uptake.

Tank Mixes

Mixing Order

  1. Use a 50 mesh filter screen and fill clean spray tank 1/2 full of water. Start agitation system.
  2. Add the required amount of Smoulder herbicide and continue agitation until completely dissolved and product is fully dispersed.
  3. Add in glyphosate.
  4. Add the required amount of Merge adjuvant.
  5. Continue agitation while adding the remaining amount of water to fill the tank.
  6. Continue to agitate or the run the by-pass system.
  7. After any break in sprayer operation, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.

Sprayer Cleanout Instructions

  1. Immediately after spraying, completely drain the spray tank.
  2. First Rinse: Fill tank 1/10 full of water; rinse spray tank for 15 minutes; flush through booms and hoses. Remove all end caps or open ball valves and flush solution through boom ends. Drain tank completely.
  3. Second rinse: Fill tank with clean water. Add a commercial grade tank cleaner or 1 L of household ammonia (minimum 3% ammonia) per 100 L of water and agitate and flush booms. Agitate for 15 minutes. Remove end caps or opening ball valves to flush booms and hoses after allowing cleaning solution to stand in sprayer tank and booms for several hours or overnight. Drain tank after flushing boom and hoses. Clean nozzles and screens separately with a cleaning agent or an ammonia solution.
  4. Third rinse: Rinse tank with clean water and flush through boom and hoses. Remove all end caps or open ball valves and flush solution through boom ends. Drain tank.

Tank Mixes

Glyphosate only.

Follow Crops

24 hours after pre-seed application.

Barley, wheat (durum, spring and winter)

11 months after application:

Canola (all types), field corn, flax3, Clearfield® lentils, peas, soybeans

3Flax may only be seeded 11 months after application in the Black and Dark Brown soil zones. In the Brown soil zone, flax may be seeded 22 months after application.

Following season after post-harvest application:

Oats, spring barley, wheat (spring or durum)

For more information: Call BASF AgSolutions® Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273) or visit

Always read and follow label directions.

AgSolutions, Clearfield, LIBERTYLINK and MERGE are registered trade-marks of BASF; all used under license by BASF Canada Inc. © 2021 BASF Canada Inc. Canadian trademark registration has been applied for and is pending for Smoulder™.

Roundup Ready is a trade-mark of Bayer Group, Monsanto Canada ULC licensee. © 2020 Bayer Group. All rights reserved.

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