Secompla 67C offers commercial seed treaters and seed companies a liquid binder to provide greater adhesion of seed treatments and colorants to canola for a professional and distinctive appearance.

  • High-quality product for uniform color and treatment coverage.
  • Control dust-off during treatment, processing, planting and re-bagging with low application rates.
  • Increase seed protection by binding the color and seed treatment onto the seed for a professional appearance.
Crop Treatment
Canola Applied directly on seed.

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Application Tips

  • Rates listed above are suggestions only as color variation may occur by crop and based on seed treatments included.
  • For most seed treatments, begin at the low rate and evaluate if more product is needed to obtain the desired color.
  • When seed treatments contain no color or if a vibrant color is desired, use the high application rate.
  • Add additional water to slurry if required based on seed treeatment manufacturer specifications.

Other restrictions & cleanup tips

  • Do not apply to food or feed crops or grain after harvest. A spray shield is recommended for applications if over spray or drift is a potential problem.
  • Do not discharge into subsoil/soil, drains, surface water and groundwater.
  • For small spills, cleanup with absorbent material such as sawdust or general purpose binding agents.
  • For large spills, dike the spill and pump out the colorant into labeled containers which should then be sealed.

Seed treatment compatibility

  • Always check compatibility of all components in the treatment slurry prior to large scale mixing.

How Much to Apply

One case or tote will treat a varying amount of seed based moisture level.
Consult the table below for the suggested rate information.

ml per 100 kg of Seed
kg of Seed Treated Per Package Size by Application Rate
2 x 9.46 L
1 x 984.2 L
Low Rate
High Rate
Low Rate
High Rate
Low Rate
High Rate
Canola (treated) ml per 100 kg per Seed Low Rate
High Rate
kg of Seed Treated Per Package Size by Application Rate 2 x 9.46 L Low Rate
High Rate
1 x 984.2 L Low Rate
High Rate
Canola (5% wt. grain) ml per 100 kg per Seed Low Rate
High Rate
kg of Seed Treated Per Package Size by Application Rate 2 x 9.46 L Low Rate
High Rate
1 x 984.2 L Low Rate
High Rate

Directions for use

Prior to use: Shake well or agitate prior to use.

Mixing instructions

  1. Start and maintain constant agitation throughout entire mixing and treatment process.
  2. Add seed treatment materials per their label instructions followed by Color Coat Colorant and Secompla 67C.
  3. Bring the volume of slurry mixture to the desired volume with water.
  4. Mix the treatment solution for 10 minutes following the addition of the colorant.

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Product Specifications

Product Article #: 59014392 / 59014390
Gross Weight of Package: 21.6 kg / 1096.8 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs / 1 Tote
Pallets/TL: 24 / 20
Units/TL: 864 Cs / 20 Totes
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 High Cs / 2 High Totes
Heated Storage: Protect from freezing

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