Pursuit is a good choice for producers who require broad spectrum broadleaf weed control and have moderate grassy weed pressure.

  • Can be applied early to control tough weeds before they affect yield.
  • Controls multiple flushing weeds present at time of herbicide application, as well as additional flushes of shallow-germinating weeds that develop later.
  • Effective regardless of tillage method being used.
  • With Pursuit, you maximize crop quality and minimize the risk of grade reduction.
  • Exceptional broad spectrum control in field peas and alfalfa in the black and grey wooded soil zones.

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Broadleafs - cotyledon to 4 leaf Chickweed
Common groundsel3
Green smartweed3
Hairy nightshade4
Redroot pigweed
Volunteer canola5
Wild buckwheat6
Wild mustard
Grasses Green foxtail (1 to 4 true leaf)
Wild oats6 (2 to 4 leaf)

3 Controlled in newly seeded alfalfa only.
4 Controlled in dry beans only.
5 Non-Cleafield® canola varieties only.
6 Suppression.

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How it Works

The unique leaf and root activity of Pursuit controls weeds two ways:

  1. Entering through the leaves, Pursuit controls emerged weeds
  2. Entering through the roots, Pursuit controls late-germinating weeds that appear after application.

Approved Crops
Dry beans (pinto, pink, red only)
Field peas (in black and grey wooded soil zones)
Newly seeded alfalfa
Established alfalfa for seed production
Chickling vetch

When to Apply

Crop Staging
Dry beans: Up to and including the 2nd trifoliate leaf stage
Field peas: Up to the 6-node stage
Newly seeded alfalfa: When 1 fully expanded trifoliate leaf appears
Old [Established alfalfa:] Before alfalfa is 30 cm tall
Chickling vetch: 5 to 7-leaf stage
Weed Staging
Broadleaf: Up to and including the 4-leaf stage
Hairy nightshade: Up to 6-leaf stage
Grasses: Up to and including the 4-leaf stage
Wild oats: 2 to 4-leaf stage

How Much to Apply

  • Each jug of Pursuit will treat 40 acres (16.2 hectares) at a rate of 85 ml/ac.
  • Water Volume – Apply at a rate of 10 gallons/ac (100 L/ha) of spray solution.
  • Surfactant – Always use a non-ionic surfactant in the spray solution.

Mixing instructions

  1. Fill tank with half to three-quarters of the required amount of water and agitate.
  2. Add the required amount of Pursuit.
  3. Continue agitation and add the required amount of surfactant.
  4. Add the rest of the water.

Tank Mixes

Do not tank-mix Pursuit.

Follow Crops

The following crops may be grown safely one year after application in the black, grey-wooded or irrigated brown soil zones only:
Spring wheat
Field peas
Spring barley
Clearfield canola

  • Non-Clearfield canola can be grown in the third year after application.
  • In the event of crop failure during the year of application, only Clearfield canola or field peas should be grown.
  • PMRA suggests a field bioassay (a test grown to maturity) be conducted the year before growing any crop other than those listed above.

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Product Specifications

Product Article #: 59010168
Gross Weight of Package: 7.9 kg
Units/Pallet: 25 Cs
Pallets/TL: 80
Units/TL: 2000 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 6 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below -5°C
Protect from temperatures above 40°C

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