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An easy-to-handle, in-furrow inoculant for increased yield potential in soybeans.

  • Sterile granular carrier containing nitrogen-fixing Bradyrhizobium japonicum.
  • Ideal for double inoculation - Nodulator® PRO plus Integral or Nodulator N/T on-seed followed by Nodulator Granular in-furrow.
  • Easy to handle and calibrate with improved flowability.
  • Increased root biomass with more nitrogen-fixing nodules on every plant.

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Yield Efficacy

Research shows that soybean inoculants promote:

  • Greater plant vigour
  • Greater root biomass
  • Hore nitrogen-fixing nodules
  • Higher yield potential

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How it Works

  • Nodulator granular inoculant contains Bradyrhizobium japonicum, a natural microorganism that is beneficial to plants.
  • The rhizobia help to increase nodulation resulting in increased fixation of nitrogen for higher yield and protein potential.
  • This product is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 1 x 108 viable cells of Bradyrhizobium japonicumper gram.

Application Tips

  • Store product in a cool (1°C to 20°C), dry place and away from all pesticides and bulk fertilizers.
  • Store bags flat, keeping off the floor (i.e. use pallet) to avoid direct contact with cold, damp surfaces.
  • Use before expiration date.
  • Do not fill hoppers until prepared to get to the field.
  • The product must not be applied at a depth that is less than the planting depth of the seed.
  • Do not mix this product with granular pesticides or fertilizers during planting.
  • Remove any unused product from the hopper box at the end of each day’s planting.
  • Do not allow product to sit in hopper overnight.
  • Environmental conditions may affect flowability. Regularly check metering system to ensure proper flow.

When to Apply

Product should be used in-furrow at time of seeding.

How Much to Apply

One bag will treat 2.5 to 3.1 ha (5.5 to 7.7 ac). One Q-Pak will treat 28.9 to 41.5 ha (71.5 to 102.6 ac).
Apply at a depth that is the same or above the planting depth of the seed.

Row width Application Rate:
grams per 306 meter row
(ounces per 1000 feet row)
Application rate:
kg/ha (lb/ac)
Hectares (acres) treated
96.5 cm (38 in) 170 (6.0) 5.8 (5.2) 3.1 (7.7)
91.6 cm (36 in) 170 (6.0) 6.1 (5.5) 3.0 (7.3)
81.3 cm (32 in) 170 (6.0) 6.8 (6.2) 2.6 (6.5)
76.2 cm (30 in) 170 (6.0) 7.3 (6.6) 2.5 (5.5)

For all row crop spacing's below 76.2 cm (30 inches) (including drilled legumes), use at least 7.3 kg/ha (6.5 lb/ac).

Directions for use
  1. Clean tank, hopper, rotor and calibration mechanism thoroughly of all pesticides before filling.
  2. Run fans on seeder for 30 minutes prior to filling to purge system of any accumulated condensation.
  3. Adjust flexible tubing from hopper to planting shoe so that it is as straight and vertical as possible.
  4. Follow calibration instructions supplied by equipment manufacturer.
  5. Set at a larger opening and adjust down to give desired rate of application.
  6. Use filling screens as supplied by equipment manufacturer.
  7. Fill box only 1/4 full.
  8. Clean feeding mechanisms before calibration.
  9. Using either table above, calibrate your equipment to apply the correct application rate. If adjusting down go only a small amount at one time - then retest. Recheck calibration regularly. This product has a bulk density of 0.72 g per cm3 or 43 lbs per ft3.

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