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Nodulator® Duo SCG is the first Biostacked® solid core granular inoculant for peas and lentils to contain a second active biological that forms a root-strengthening biofilm, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

  • Top-performing strain of rhizobium (strain 1435) specifically selected for peas and lentils
  • Root-strengthening biofilm bacterium (BU1814) helps protect the roots from the stresses encountered in the soil to reserve more energy for reproductive (growth) functions
  • Technologically advanced free-flowing granular carrier for precise in-furrow application that leads to increased efficiency

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Yield Efficacy

Nodulator Duo SCG inoculant combines our most effective strain of rhizobia with a new root-strengthening biofilm that directs plant energy to reproductive functions allowing the plant to reach more of its full yield potential.

Leaves Other Inoculants In The Dust. (Their own dust.)

Give pulses a stronger start with the most active strain of rhizobia and root-strengthening biofilm.

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How it Works

  • Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar viceae strain 1435 is a highly efficient, more active strain of rhizobium, selected to perform on pea and lentil crops for maximized yield potential
  • Bacillus subtilis strain BU1814 is a bacterium that colonizes the developing root system forming a root-strengthening biofilm, which increases root and shoot biomass, enhances nutrient and water uptake, fortifies the root to manage drought and other environmental stresses and acts as a medium to enhance nodulation

Application Tips

  • Remove any unused granules from the hopper box at the end of each day’s planting
  • Do not allow granules to sit in hopper overnight
  • Environmental conditions may affect flowability of the product. Feeding mechanism should be cleaned often to ensure good flow

When to Apply

Granules should be applied directly below the seed, in-furrow.

How Much to Apply

  • One bag will treat 10.6 acres (7” rows) to 18.5 acres (12” rows)
  • One Q-Pak will treat 170 acres (7” rows) to 296 acres (12” rows)
  • Apply granules at a rate of 28.5 g/1,000 linear row feet

Prior to filling the tank

  • Check tank seal on each compartment along with all metering components for signs of cracks and wear. Replace cracked or worn parts
  • Ensure that inoculant bags and tank walls are dry prior to filling
  • Run fans at the beginning of each day as a precaution to dry any condensation that may have accumulated overnight. Granular inoculants require a dedicated tank to ensure proper rate application

Filling the tank

  • Use loading auger to fill tank and screens provided by equipment manufacturers
  • To optimize flow (especially under humid conditions) it is suggested to only fill large compartments to no more than 50% capacity
  • Apply granular inoculant directly in furrow at the specified rate. The product must not be applied at a depth that is less than the planting depth of the seed
  • Do not mix granular inoculant with granular pesticides or fertilizers during planting

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 1 x 22.6 kg bag or 1 x 364 kg mini-bulk Q-Pak
PCP #:
Gross Weight of Package:
PTS - T/L (48 foot):  
Warehouse Stack Height:
Heated Storage: Store in a cool (10°C to 15°C), dry place, away from pesticides and bulk fertilizers
Flash Point:  
NFC Class:  
TDG Information:

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