Get the best protection available against the spread of powdery mildew in peas.

  • An important aspect of producing a high quality field pea crop is control of fungus.
  • Kumulus DF fungicide delivers simple, cost-effective control of field pea diseases like powdery mildew.
  • Make your next season a success with Kumulus DF.

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How it Works

  • Kumulus DF is a protectant fungicide to prevent powdery mildew in peas, grapes and tree fruit.
  • It will not cure the disease therefore timely applications are critical.
  • If conditions favour secondary infection, repeat applications are required.
  • Applications made after the onset of disease symptoms are less effective.
  • Gives you cost effective powdery mildew control.
  • Provides multiple application options to provide season-long protection.

Common questions

How do I know if the disease is past the stage for effective control with Kumulus DF?

Generally, if the symptoms (grey-coloured pea plants) are visible throughout the field it is too late, as the disease is at an advanced state.

How long does it take for powdery mildew to infect a whole field?

If conditions are favourable, an entire field can be infected within 3 - 4 days so the decision to apply Kumulus DF must be made quickly.

When to Apply

  • The best time to apply Kumulus DF is after flowering, prior to pod set.
  • Innoculum blows in during the second and third weeks of July.
  • Spores germinate within 1 or 2 hours and visual symptoms occur between 8 and 10 days.
  • Treat when symptoms first appear and repeat applications at 7 - 10 day intervals if conditions favour additional infection.
  • As many as three applications may be required in one season.

When to Expect Powdery Mildew

  • The disease usually occurs during prolonged periods of warm, dry daytime conditions with cool nights favouring the formation of dew.
  • Temperature will also determine if and when infection will occur. Spores will germinate when the temperature is between 15°C and 29°C, but they like it best when the temperature is between 20°C and 24°C.
  • Water on the leaf surface is not required for germination or spread of the disease. In fact, excessive moisture inhibits infection by washing spores off the plant and by rupturing spores prior to germination.

How Much to Apply

  • Apply Kumulus DF at a rate of 0.6 kg/ac (1.5 kg/ha) in a minimum of 10 gallons (45 L) of water per acre.
  • Higher water volumes may be required later in the growing season.
  • Kumulus DF comes in a 25 kg bag that treats 40 acres.

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Product Specifications

Product Article #: 58825153
Gross Weight of Package: 25.2 kg
Units/Pallet: 35 Bags
Pallets/TL: 20
Units/TL: 700 Bags
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 High
Heated Storage: No

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