The ultimate pre-seed burndown with extended residual activity on key grassy and broadleaf weeds.

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Weed Management

Weeds Controlled Staging

8 leaf (except where indicated)
Canada fleabane1
(4 whorls)
Common waterhemp2
(prior to emergence)
(15 cm height)
(15 cm height)
Lady’s thumb4
(6 leaf)
Lamb’s quarters2
Narrow-leaved hawk’s beard
(8 cm height)
Perennial sow-thistle4,5
Prickly lettuce4,5
(9 leaf)
Ragweed (common, giant)4
Redroot pigweed2
Round-leaved mallow
Shepherd’s-purse 4
(full flower)
Volunteer canola2,6
Wild buckwheat2
Wild mustard2
Grasses Prior to emergence
Foxtail (green, yellow)7
Wild oats7
1 Includes Group 2-resistant and glyphosate-resistant biotypes.
2 Residual suppression (may be rate dependent).
3 Top growth burndown control only of perennial plants, control of spring-germinating plants.
4 Burndown control is rate- dependent.
5 Top growth burndown control.
6 All herbicide-tolerant canola systems, including glyphosate-tolerant canola.
7 Residual suppression only.

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Heat Complete Herbicide

Effective burndown. Extended residual activity. Get the complete package.

How it Works

  • Provides rapid and complete burndown of tough-to-control weeds, including cleavers, kochia, volunteer canola, wild mustard and stinkweed
  • Extended residual activity on many weeds, including wild oats, cleavers, kochia, wild mustard, volunteer canola, redroot pigweed, waterhemp and green and yellow foxtail
  • Contains Group 14 and Group 15 active ingredients in a convenient co-pack for control or suppression of Group 1-, 2- and 9-resistant weeds
  • Multiple modes of effective action for management of resistant weeds

Application Tips

One case of Heat Complete herbicide will treat 40 to 80 acres, depending on rate. One case will treat 40 to 80 acres for corn and field peas, 60 to 80 acres for soybeans and 80 acres for lentils.

Crop Application rate
Corn, field peas

Heat LQ herbicide
22 to 43 ml/ac (53 to 106 ml/ha)
Zidua SC herbicide
49 to 97 ml/ac (120 to 240 ml/ha)
Lentils Heat LQ herbicide
22 ml/ac (53 ml/ha)
Zidua SC herbicide
49 ml/ac (120 ml/ha)
Soybeans Heat LQ herbicide
22 to 29 ml/ac (53 to 71 ml/ha)
Zidua SC herbicide
49 to 65 ml/ac (120 to 160 ml/ha)
All applications
Merge adjuvant 200 to 400 ml/ac (0.5 to 1 L/ha)
Water volume
Ground application only 20 to 40 L/ac (5 to 10 gal/ac)

Mixing Order

  1. Use a 50 mesh filter screen and fill clean spray tank 1/2 full of water. Start agitation system.1
  2. Add the correct amount of Zidua SC herbicide and continue agitation.
  3. Add the correct amount of Heat LQ herbicide and continue agitation.
  4. Add the correct amount of glyphosate and continue agitation.
  5. Add the correct amount of Merge adjuvant. If excess foaming occurs, an anti-foaming agent may be added.
  6. Continue agitation while adding the remaining amount of water.
  7. Continue to agitate or run the by-pass system.
  8. After any break in spraying, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.
  9. Note: Always follow the WAMLEGS mixing procedure when tank mixing.
    1Do not over-agitate at any point in the process.

Application tips

  • Do not apply during periods of dead calm or gusty winds.
  • Do not use on peat or muck soils with 7% or more organic matter content.

Pre-harvest interval

  • 60 days for all pre-seed and pre-emergent applications.

Tank Mixes

Herbicide: Glyphosate
Contact BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care or your local BASF Sales Representative for additional information on supported tank mixes.

Follow Crops

1 year after application
All crops,1 year after a spring, pre-seed or pre-emergent application.

Always read and follow label directions.

HEAT, KIXOR, MERGE, and ZIDUA are registered trade-marks of BASF; all used with permission by BASF Canada Inc.
© 2018 BASF Canada Inc.

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Looking For MSDS, Label, Or Technology Sheets?

Product Specifications

Product Article #: 59018008
Gross Weight of Package: 15.6 kg
Units/Pallet: 27 Cs
Pallets/TL: 24
Units/TL: 648 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below -5°C
Protect from temperatures above 40°C