Superior control of cleavers in a unique liquid formulation.

  • Compliments Liberty® herbicide for enhanced control of cleavers
  • Widest window of crop application, from pre-seed to 6-leaf
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation
  • Versatile rate range

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Weed Management

Weeds Controlled Staging

Annual sow thistle1
2 to 6 leaf
2 to 6 leaf
Perennial sow thistle1
2 to 6 leaf
Volunteer flax
(1 to 8 cm)
Grasses Barnyard grass
1 to 5 leaf
Green foxtail3
(up to 2 tillers)

1 Suppression only.
2 For control of secondary flushes, apply pre-seed at a higher application rate of 279 ml/ac (690 ml/ha).
3 For suppression of secondary flushes, use higher application rate of 227 ml/ac (560 ml/ha).

How it Works

  • The combination of group-4 and group-26 active ingredients provide control of a number of different broadleaf weeds and grasses.
  • Facet L herbicide provides systemic action after uptake through both the foliage and root system.
  • Option for residual and 2nd flush control of cleavers, green foxtail, sow thistle and barnyard grass.

Application Tips

Rainfastness – 6 hours
Restricted entry interval - 12 hours.
Should the product freeze, warm to 5oC prior to use.

Pre-harvest interval
60 days after application for canola.
77 days after application for wheat (spring and durum) and canary seed.
80 days after application for spring barley.

When to Apply

Crops Staging
Canola pre-seed/pre-emergence to 6 leaf
Wheat (spring and durum) 1 to 5 leaf
Barley1 (spring) 1 to 4 leaf (prior to tillering)
Canary seed2 3 to 5 leaf

1 To avoid crop injury, apply Facet L prior to tillering of spring barley.
2 Not to be used for human consumption or fed to livestock.

How Much to Apply

One case of Facet L herbicide treats 65 to 160 acres, depending on rate used.

Crop Application rate
Canola Pre-Seed/Pre-Emergence – 227 to 279 ml/ac (560 to 690 ml/ha)
In-crop Tank-mix 3 – 113 to 227 ml/ac (279 to 560 ml/ha)
Barley (spring) 227 ml/ac (560 ml/ha)
Canary seed, wheat (spring and durum) 227 to 279 ml/ac (560 to 690 ml/ha)
Merge® adjuvant4 (see product label) 0.5% v/v (e.g. 500 ml per 100 L spray solution)

Water volume
Ground application only - 40 L/ac (10 gal/ac)

3 Recommended rate for all LibertyLink® varieties is 113 ml/ac (279 ml/ha) or 160 ac/case.
4 Merge adjuvant may be required and is not included in the case. For additional information and tank mixes, see product label.

Mixing order

  1. Always start with a clean sprayer. Refer to previously applied product labels for specific cleaning instructions.
  2. Fill the clean spray tank ½ full of water and start agitation or by-pass system. Continue agitation throughout mixing procedure.
  3. Facet L plus glyphosate pre-seed/pre-emergence: add pH adjuster/AMS (optional), then Facet L, then glyphosate, then Merge, in sequential order.5
  4. LibertyLink System: add Liberty, then Facet L, then Merge in sequential order.5
  5. LibertyLink System with Centurion® herbicide: add Amigo® adjuvant, then Liberty, then Facet L, then Centurion, in sequential order.5
  6. Clearfield® Production System for canola: add Clearfield System herbicide, then Facet L, then Merge, in sequential order.5
  7. Roundup Ready® System: add pH adjuster/AMS (optional), then Facet L, then glyphosate, then Merge, in sequential order.5
  8. Continue agitating while adding the remaining amount of water.

5 Follow labels for ingredient volumes and agitate 2 to 3 minutes between steps.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for the following crops:

Crop Tank Mixes
LibertyLink canola Liberty 150 SN and Merge at 0.5% v/v OR Liberty, Centurion 6 and Amigo at 0.5% v/v
Roundup Ready canola Glyphosate and Merge at 0.5% v/v
Clearfield canola Clearfield system herbicide and Merge at 0.5% v/v

6 Case includes the adjuvant.

Contact BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care or your local BASF Sales Representative for additional information on supported tank mixes.

Follow Crops

0 months (same season)
Barley (spring)
Wheat (spring, durum)

10 months after application
Field peas

12 months after application

22 months after application

For more information: Call BASF Ag Solutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273). Visit

Liberty, and LibertyLink are registered trade-marks of BASF; Clearfield is a registered trade-mark of BASF Agrochemical Products B.V.; FACET is a trade-mark of BASF SE; all used with permission by BASF Canada Inc. MERGE is a registered trade-mark of BASF Canada Inc. © 2018 BASF Canada Inc.

Roundup Ready is a registered trade-mark of Monsanto Technology LLC, Monsanto Canada, Inc. licensee. Centurion and Amigo are registered trade-marks of Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation.

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Product Specifications

Product Article #: 59014598
Gross Weight of Package: 21.6 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs
Pallets/TL: 24
Units/TL: 864 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 High
Heated Storage: No, protect from temperatures above 40°C

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