Delivers exceptional pre-seed weed control of herbicide-resistant kochia and volunteer canola and helps improve sustainability by being the first Group 27 herbicide in canola.

  • The first Group 27 herbicide developed for pre-seed use in canola production
  • Exceptional control of herbicide-resistant kochia and volunteer canola
  • Consistent control with both contact and systemic activity

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Weed Management1

Weed Class List of Weeds
Broadleaf weeds up to the 4-leaf stage (except where indicated) Chickweed
Cow cockle2
Lady's thumb
Lamb's quarters (up to 15 cm in height)
Narrow-leaved hawk's beard
Redroot pigweed
Russian thistle
Volunteer canola (up to 6-leaf stage)
Volunteer flax
Wild buckwheat
Wild mustard2
Grassy weeds up to 4 leaf Barnyard grass
Downy brome
Green foxtail
Volunteer barley
Volunteer wheat
Wild oats

1When applied with glyphosate (1 REL of glyphosate recommended).
2Under normal conditions will be controlled up to the 4-leaf stage. Plants beyond this stage are unlikely to be controlled.
3Including triazine-resistant biotypes.

How it Works

  • Certitude contains the active ingredients topramezone and bromoxynil, to provide both contact and systemic properties.
  • Certitude drastically improves the management of tough-to-control weeds such as kochia and volunteer canola, including glyphosate-resistant biotypes.
  • Because Certitude controls group 2, 4, and 9 resistant biotypes of kochia, Certitude is an important part of a resistance-management plan for sustainability.
  • Certitude tank-mixed with glyphosate can be applied to fields before canola crops.

Application Tips

To optimize weed control activity when applying Certitude®, follow these guidelines:

  • Apply as a tank-mix with glyphosate.
  • Always add adjuvant (Merge®).
  • Use a minimum of 5 gal/ac but 10 gal/ac helps maximize coverage in dense weed areas.
  • Should the product freeze, agitate or mix contents well before use.

When to Apply

  • Certitude should only be applied prior to planting.
  • Do not apply if heavy rain is forecast.
  • Certitude can be applied when broadleaf and grassy weeds are at or between the cotyledon and 4-leaf stages (up to the 6-leaf stage for volunteer canola).
Pre-harvest Interval (PHI)

There is no required pre-harvest interval between a pre-seed application of Certitude and the harvest of canola

How Much to Apply


Certitude A use rate (ml/ha) or (ml/ac)
18 ml/ha or 7 ml/ac

Certitude B use rate (ml/ha) or (ml/ac)

600 ml/ha or 243 ml/ac

Tank Mixes

Mixing Instructions

For enhanced weed control, Certitude should always be tank-mixed with glyphosate and is compatible with all liquid glyphosate formulations.

  1. Always start with a clean sprayer. Refer to previously applied product labels for specific cleaning instructions.
  2. Fill the clean spray tank 1/2 full with clean water and start agitation.
  3. Add Certitude A and continue to agitate until visibly dispersed.
  4. Add Certitude B and continue to agitate until mixed.
  5. Add glyphosate.
  6. Add Merge adjuvant.
  7. Continue agitating while adding the remaining amount of water

Follow Crops

These crops can be safely grown 1 year after an application of Certitude:

Field corn
Field peas
Navy (white) beans
Spring wheat
Winter wheat*

*Can be grown 4 months after application.

Always read and follow label directions.

CERTITUDE and MERGE are registered trade-marks of BASF, used under license by BASF Canada Inc. © 2020 BASF Canada Inc.

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Looking For MSDS, Label, Or Technology Sheets?

Product Specifications

Product Article #: 59024134
Size (units x size): CERTITUDE 1 X 291 ML + 1 X 9.71 L ; 1 X 8.1 L MERGE
Gross Weight of Package: 25 kg
Units/Pallet: 36
Pallets/TL: 24
Warehouse Stack Height: 2
Heated Storage: Yes, Protect from temperatures below 5°C (Merge is the most limiting factor in the case).

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