Ensure the maximum performance of Viper® ADV with 28% UAN

  • BASF 28% UAN is a new product that improves the effectiveness of Viper ADV herbicide.
  • This required nitrogen source is essential to ensure your Viper application delivers exceptional broad-spectrum control of grasses and broadleaf weeds.

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How it Works

  • To ensure maximum performance of Viper ADV, BASF 28% UAN increases spray droplet retention and herbicide absorption by weed foliage.
  • BASF 28% UAN has been filtered to remove any particulates that may impede sprayer performance. This eliminates the risk of time-consuming clogs and helps you apply an even and controlled spray.
  • Its unique properties allow the two principle chemicals in Viper to work together to effectively control grasses and broadleaf weeds.

How Much to Apply

  • Apply two cases of BASF 28% UAN to one case of Viper ADV. The rate of nitrogen is 0.8 L/acre.

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Product Specifications

Product Article #: 53576470 / 50129699
Gross Weight of Package: 22.2 kg / 136.6 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs / 5 Drums
Pallets/TL: 24 / 24
Units/TL: 864 Cs / 120 Drums
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High / 3 High Drums
Heated Storage: No

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