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Poast Ultra is the benchmark for safe, reliable and effective annual grass control.

  • Choose Poast Ultra for your post emergent grass control in soybeans and dry beans.
  • Also registered for 50 other crops.

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Weed Management

Poast Ultra will control the following grasses:

Barnyard grass
Crabgrass, large
Fall panicum
Foxtail barley (suppression only)
Foxtail, green
Foxtail, yellow
Persian darnel
Proso millet
Volunteer barley
Volunteer corn
Volunteer wheat
Wild oats

Poast Ultra is labeled for use on 50 crops, including soybeans

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How it Works

  • Poast Ultra is a contact and systemic herbicide.
  • Uptake is primarily through its leaves.
  • Depending on growing conditions and crop competition, the time required for complete control is 7 to 21 days following treatment.
  • Translocated through the quackgrass plant to the rhizomes and kills actively growing rhizome buds and above ground vegetation.
  • Dormant rhizome buds will remain unaffected and regrowth can occur from these buds.
  • Applied according to label directions, re-growth of the quackgrass will not be significant until 6 to 8 weeks after treatment, depending on growing conditions, crop cultivation practices and crop competition.

When to Apply

  • Poast Ultra can be applied when annual grasses are between 1 to 6-leaf stage.
  • For the most effective control of annual grasses, apply when weeds are in the 2 to 5-leaf stage, when plants are small and actively growing, soil moisture is good and the crop is small enough to permit thorough spray coverage.
  • Most effective at controlling wild oats and volunteer cereals if applied before tillering.
  • For quackgrass control, apply when the plant is actively growing, up to the 3-leaf stage (8 to 12 cm in height).
  • Use only on cultivated land where preplant tillage operations have been carried out to break up quackgrass roots.
  • Where quackgrass is well established, thorough preplant cultivation to a depth of 10 cm is recommended to break up roots and provide uniform grass emergence for improved control.
  • Apply for suppression of foxtail barley before the weed has tillered.

How Much to Apply

  • Each case contains two 7.7 L containers of Poast Ultra.
  • One case treats 120 acres if used at the lower rate of 0.13 L/ac and 80 acres if used at the higher rate of 0.19 L/ac.
  • Controls a full range of annual grasses at varying leaf stages and volunteer cereals when applied at a rate if 0.13 L/ac.
  • 0.19 L/ac controls the same annual grasses and volunteer cereals and also suppresses quackgrass at the 2 to 5-leaf stage. Use this rate if any one of the above mentioned conditions are not present at the time of application.
  • 0.44 L/ac controls the same annual grasses and volunteer cereals, as well as quackgrass, at the 1 to 3-leaf stage.
  • Also suppresses foxtail barley at the 1 to 6-leaf stage.

Note: Don’t forget to purchase Merge® surfactant.

Mixing Instructions
  1. Fill clean spray tank half full with clean water. Start agitation system.
  2. Add the correct amount of Poast Ultra. Continue to agitate.
  3. Add the correct amount of Merge along with the remaining amount of water necessary to fill the spray tank.
  4. Continue to agitate or run the by-pass system.
  5. After any break in the spraying operation, agitate thoroughly before spraying again.

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 7.7 L
Product Article #: 59025440
Gross Weight of Package: 17 kg
Units/Pallet: 12 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 6 High
Heated Storage: No

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