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Professionally applied Biostacked® preinoculant with up to 100 days of on-seed survivability.

  • BioStacked preinoculant system provides nitrogen-fixing rhizobium of Nodulator® PRO 100 plus the biofungicide activity of Integral®
  • Unique and exclusive package and bladder system provides up to 100 days of on-seed survivability
  • Low application volume and preinoculant convenience

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Yield Efficacy

  • Nodulator® PRO 100 contains a minimum of 1 x 1010 viable cells of Bradyrhizobium japonicum per gram.
  • Packaged separately: Integral biofungicide contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (no less than 2.2 x 1010 viable spores per ml) and is required for the suppression of seedling diseases caused by Rhizoctonia and Fusarium spp.1
  • Research has shown that applying the two beneficial biologicals present in the Nodulator PRO 100 preinoculant system can result in up to 6% more yield than the competition.2

1 The biological fungicide activity of Integral is a PMRA registered label claim in Canada.
2 BASF, 76 station years (n sites x n years).

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How it Works

  • Nodulator PRO 100, formerly known as HiStick® PRO, contains the beneficial biological, Bradyrhizobium japonicum and packaged separately, Integral biofungicide contains the MBI600 strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
  • The rhizobia help to maximize nodulation resulting in increased fixation of nitrogen for higher yield and protein potential.
  • The B. amyloliquefaciens bioactive delivers enhanced nitrogen fixation by significantly increasing plant vigour, root mass and nodule formation.
  • As part of the system, Integral biofungicide is required for suppression of seedling diseases

Application Tips

  • The non-pesticide containing slurry should ideally be used during the same day of mixing, within a maximum of 24 hours. The temperature of the slurry should not exceed 20°C.
  • Ensure seed is clean to reduce bridging.

To ensure maximum survival of biological components, store treated seed in a cool (can be below freezing), dry, covered and unheated storage area close to floor level.

On-seed compatibility of Nodulator PRO 100 preinoculant plus Integral biofungicide is dependent on application method and temperature at which seed is packaged and stored.

When to Apply

Product should be used on seed. Product must be applied to seed within 24 hours of being opened.

The maximum safe planting interval is 100 days.

How Much to Apply

The system contents will treat 200 units of seed.

Nodulator PRO 100 (inoculant + conditioner) Integral
Case size

1 x 3 L PRO 100 inoculant

1 x 3 L PRO 100 conditioner

1 X 400 ml bottle Integral
Rate /100 kg seed 130 ml3 9 ml

3Please refer to the product label and section below for application rates without pesticides, as 139ml/100 kg is not sufficient for even seed coverage and requires additional liquid volume (water and/or pesticide).

Directions for use
When applying as a stand-alone treatment (no seed treatment)

With slurry tank agitator (or re-circulation pump) turned on, thoroughly mix the appropriate volumes of Nodulator PRO 100 liquid inoculant with the Nodulator PRO 100 conditioner, then add the separately packaged Integral biofungicide and non-chlorinated4 water. Continuous and gentle agitation throughout the mixing and application process will enhance application and survival characteristics.

Calibrate pumps and metering system to apply a total of 326 ml/100 kg to seed.

4Municipal water sources do contain chlorine; however, it can be used in combination with biologicals if allowed to sit exposed to the environment (e.g. in open tank) for a minimum of 24 hours to allow for chlorine to gas off.

When applied with additional seed treatment(s)

Nodulator PRO 100 preinoculant plus Integral for soybean must be applied at a rate of 139 ml/100 kg (2.0 fl oz per 100 lb) of seed with no additional water as long as the total liquid volume being applied (Nodulator PRO 100 plus all other seed treatment active/polymers/colorants) is at least 326 ml/100 kg (5.0 fl oz per 100 lb) of seed.

Both a wet sequential (also known as simultaneous), using a separate application tank for the active chemicals/polymers/colorants (preferred), or a tank mix can be used as application methods for this product.

If a tank-mix application method is used, do not slurry the mixture for greater than 4 hours prior to application to the seed.

For extended days on seed we only recommend a wet sequential (also known as simultaneous) application and keeping the inoculant in a separate application tank. In this tank, the inoculant must be applied within 24 hours.

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Looking For MSDS, Label, Or Technology Sheets?

Product Specifications

Nodulator Pro 100

Size (units x size):

1 x 3 L PRO 100 Inoculant
1 x 3 L PRO 100 Conditioner

Packaged separately
1 X 400 ml bottle Integral

Product Article #: 59014250
Gross Weight of Package: 8 kg
Units/Pallet: 34 Cs
Pallets/TL: 24
Units/TL: 816 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below 5° C
Protect from temperatures above 25° C
Integral Liquid
Product Article #: 59013684 / 59013653
Gross Weight: 21.7 kg / 106.3 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs
Pallets/TL: 24 / 5
Units/TL: 864 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 2 High
Heated Storage: