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  • Innovative Group 10 chemistry provides broad-spectrum control of broadleaf and grassy weeds.
  • Flexible with respect to application timing, rates, and tank mixes.
  • Quick, complete burndown of weeds.

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Broadleafs – 1 to 6 leaf (except where indicated) Canada thistle1,2
Chickweed (1 to 8 leaf)3
Cocklebur (1 to 4 leaf)3
Common ragweed (1 to 5 leaf)1 (1 to 7 leaf)2
Eastern black nightshade (1 to 5 leaf)2
Field bindweed1,2
Lady's thumb2
Lamb's quarters2
Perennial sow thistle (1 to 4 leaf)2
Redroot pigweed3
Stinkweed (1 to 8 leaf)2
Velvetleaf (1 to 4 leaf)2
Wild buckwheat (1 to 4 leaf)2
Wild mustard (1 to 4 leaf)2
Wormseed mustard2
Grasses – 1 to 4 leaf (except where indicated) Barnyard grass (1 to 5 leaf)2
Bristly foxtail2
Fall panicum2
Giant foxtail (1 to 5 leaf)3
Green foxtail (1 to 5 leaf)3
Large crabgrass (1 to 5 leaf)3
Proso millet (1 to 5 leaf)3
Wild oats2
Yellow foxtail2
1 Suppression only
2 2.0 L/ha application rate.
3 1.5 L/ha application rate..
4 2.5 L/ha application rate.
5 Apply 2.5 L/ha of Liberty 200 herbicide plus 6 L/ha (or 3 kg/ha) ammonium sulphate.

How it Works

  • Efficient broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control in corn hybrids containing the LibertyLink® trait, LibertyLink soybeans and InVigor® canola hybrids.
  • Effects are seen in weeds within three to seven days of application.
  • Unparalleled crop safety, leaving cropping and herbicide options open for the following year.
  • Research and grower trials demonstrate the ability of Liberty 200 to produce higher yields when used on LibertyLink corn hybrids compared to conventional herbicides applied on the same LibertyLink corn hybrid in the same field.

Application Tips

Restricted entry interval – 24 hours

  • Avoid temperatures below 10°C.
  • The speed of action will be increased under hot/humid conditions.
  • For best results, apply when plant surfaces are dry.
  • Liberty 200 should be applied at least 4 hours before rainfall.
  • Greater coverage and efficacy achieved through higher water volumes.

When to Apply

Crops Staging
Corn 1 to 8 leaf1
Canola Cotyledon to early bolting
Soybeans 1 to 4 trifoliate, when weeds are actively growing
1 Apply between 3 to 6 leaf for best results. For sequential application, apply at 3 to 4 leaf and then re-apply 10 to 14 days later.

How Much to Apply

One case of Liberty 200® SN will treat 11 to 18 acres, depending on rate used.
Canola, corn and soybeans tolerant to Liberty 200 1.5 L/ha to 2.5 L/ha2
Water volume

Ground application only – 45 L/ac (12 gal/ac) minimum.

Mixing order

  1. Fill clean spray tank ¾ (1/2 if tank mixing) full of clean water and start agitation.
  2. If using ammonium sulfate, always add to the tank prior to tank-mix partners and Liberty 200.
  3. If tank mixing, add Amigo® and agitate until thoroughly mixed.
  4. If using tank-mix partners, add these to the tank prior to the addition of Liberty 2003
  5. Stop agitation while adding Liberty 200 and start agitation again when required amount is added.
  6. If tank mixing with Select® herbicide, add these following the addition of Liberty 200.4
  7. Continue agitation while adding the required water to fill the spray tank.
2 Rate is dependent on weeds targeted.
3 With the exception of Select herbicide.
4 Tank mix of Select herbicide is only for LibertyLink tolerant canola.

Tank Mixes

Herbicides for canola: Select

Herbicides for corn: AAtrex® Liquid 480, Banvel®, Distinct®, Marksman®, Prowl®, VIOS G3

Herbicides for soybeans: Pursuit®, Basagran® Forte, FirstRate®, Excel® Super

Follow Crops

70 days after application

120 days after application for all other crops except
Field Corn

120 days after application
All other crops

No plant back interval is required for field corn, canola or soybeans.

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Looking For MSDS, Label, Or Technology Sheets?

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