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ILEVO® seed treatment is the only seed treatment that provides effective protection against sudden death syndrome (SDS) and soybean cyst nematode (SCN).
  • Protects against the above-ground and below-ground phases of SDS caused by fusarium virguliforme
  • Powerful nematocidal activity that demonstrates effectiveness across the SCN lifecycle, reducing the potential for root infection and damage

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Disease Management

Crop Disease
Soybeans Sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme)

Pest Management

Crop Pest
Soybeans Soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines)1
Root lesion nematode (Pratylenchus penetrans)1

1 Suppression.

How it Works

  • ILEVO® seed treatment protects soybeans from yield loss caused by both the root rot and foliar phases of SDS. Even though symptoms may not be visible, ILEVO works against SDS at both the site of infection and above ground to provide effective protection.
  • ILEVO also provides a reliable broad-spectrum nematicide across all life cycle stages of nematodes, protecting soybeans from hidden yield loss and complementing nematode-resistant seed varieties.

Application Tips

For use in commercial seed treatment (facilities and mobile treaters) with closed transfer including closed mixing, loading, calibrating, and closed treatment equipment. No open transfer of ILEVO® seed treatment is permitted.

Apply using commercial slurry or mist-type seed treatment equipment. Uniform application of seed is necessary to ensure seed safety and best disease protection. Dilute product with sufficient water to ensure complete seed coverage. Apply to high quality, properly cleaned seeds.

This product contains no colourant. An appropriate colourant must be added when this product is applied to seed. Regulations pertaining to the "Seeds Act" must be strictly adhered to when using this product as a seed treatment.

How Much to Apply

One tote of ILEVO will treat 19,455 to 64,935 kg of seed, depending on rate.

Pest Application rate
Soybeans Fusarium virguliforme (SDS) 154 to 257 ml/100 kg
(35 to 58 ml/140,000 soybean seeds)
Soybean cyst nematodes1 77 to 154 ml/100 kg
(17.5 to 35 ml/140,000 soybean seeds)
Root lesion nematodes1

1 Suppression

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 1 x 52.5 L drum
Product Article #: 59018016
Gross Weight of Package: 73.9 kg
Units/Pallet: TBA
Warehouse Stack Height:
Heated Storage: Protect from freezing

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