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Headline is an innovative, broad-spectrum fungicide that delivers a high level of disease control and plant health.

  • When your plants are not challenged by disease, they can divert more energy into yield.
  • Headline fungicide delivers a new level of disease control in dry beans, soybeans, corn, cereals, potatoes and sugar beets.

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How it Works

Unprecedented Control of Key Disease

  • The formulation and chemical properties of Headline fungicide allow it to bind tightly to the waxy cuticle when applied to the leaf’s upper surface.
  • The systemic properties also allow Headline to move through the leaf and control disease on the lower surface of the leaf.
  • This unique activity enables Headline to protect both sides of the leaf regardless of the side it is applied to, delivering dual-sided protection.
  • Once applied, Headline stops spore germination, preventing spores from infecting plant tissue.
  • By interfering with fungal cell respiration and the production of energy, Headline fungicide also causes fungi to stop growing and die.

Dry Beans

  • The most common disease of dry beans is sclerotinia.
  • However, diseases like Anthracnose and Rust are causing yield and quality issues for many growers.
  • Headline is the best product registered for control of Anthracnose and Rust in dry beans, giving growers a tool to protect their valuable crop.


  • Headline protects soybeans from a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens, such as frog-eye leaf spot, resulting in significant yield gains.


  • With Headline fungicide, it all starts with great disease control. But it continues throughout the season with visibly hardier plants that show improved stress tolerance and higher growth efficiency.
  • By harvest you can anticipate higher corn yields and better standability.


  • Headline raises the standard for control of Early and Late blight by a single fungicide.
  • Headline is an ideal rotation partner with Lance®.
  • Headline trials have shown an increase in yields across Canada.

Superior Rainfastness

  • Headline is rainfast within an hour of application.

Common questions

What is different about Headline fungicide?

There are many differentials that set Headline apart from other fungicides. Headline offers more activity on target diseases, superior rainfastness and crop safety, to name a few.

In addition, Headline has the unique ability to move rapidly through the leaf surface and to protect the opposite side of the leaf as well as the treated side, offering "dual-sided protection."

What crops is Headline registered on?

Headline is registered on dry beans, soybeans, corn (sweet, field and seed corn), field peas, wheat, barley, rye and potatoes.

What diseases does Headline control?

Headline is a broad-spectrum fungicide that will help growers control a wide range of disease in many crops.

When should I apply Headline?

Studies done by BASF indicate that the best yields are generated by applying fungicides early and by applying Headline first.

When to Apply

  • When you apply Headline preventively, you get the best control and the greatest return out of your fungicide investment.
  • Headline should be used pre-infection to control disease in a broad range of crops including corn, soybeans, cereal and potatoes. Diseases include Ascochyta, anthracnose, rust, powdery mildew, Mycosphaerella blight, Early blight and Late blight.
  • Do not apply Headline more than twice in a growing season.
  • Apply a second time 10 - 14 days later if disease persists or if weather conditions are favorable for disease development.

Dry Beans

  • In general, applications at the beginning of flowering give the best yield protection, while later applications give the best seed pod protection.
  • Apply before first flower if disease sets in early. Otherwise, wait until mid- to late- flowering.


  • Canadian research trials indicate that, in the absence of Asian soybean rust, application of Headline at the early pod stage (R2 – R3 growth stage) results in the highest yields.
  • It is important to note that infection of untreated leaves can occur earlier if conditions are favorable for disease development.


  • For optimal effect, Headline must penetrate the canopy.
  • Best time is in the pre-tassel to silking stage.


  • Begin Headline application before disease symptoms appear.
  • Use higher rates of Headline, shorter spray intervals and/or tank-mixes under heavy disease pressure.
  • To optimize the plant health benefits of Headline, apply within the first 3 sprays at tuber initiation.
  • Based on disease conditions, an optional 2nd application should occur at early bulking.

How Much to Apply

  • Headline is formulated as a 250 g/L emulsifiable concentrate (EC) that mixes quickly in the spray tank, uniformly dispersing the active ingredient throughout the spray solution.
  • You may make two applications of Headline each growing season.
  • Do not apply Headline more than twice in a growing season.

Dry Beans, Soybeans and Corn (sweet, field and seed corn)

  • Each 6.5 L jug of Headline contains enough fungicide to treat approximately 40 acres.


  • Each 6.5 L jug of Headline contains enough fungicide to treat 24 - 36 acres.

Water Volume

  • Apply Headline with a minimum of 15 imperial gallons of water per acre by ground, or 5 imperial gallons of water per acre by air.

Research Information – Increasing water volume will improve control, especially with later applications where there are heavy crop canopies.

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 6.5 L
Product Article #: 59012835
Gross Weight of Package: 14.8 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs
Pallets/TL: 26
Units/TL: 936 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below 0° C
Protect from temperatures above 40° C

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