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Conquest LQ offers premium weed control of tough broadleaf weeds and annual grasses in conventional and Identity Preserved soybeans.

  • As a liquid formulation, Conquest LQ allows for easy handling and offers application rate flexibility to tailor early pre-plant or pre-emergence applications for specific weed pressures and soil types

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Grasses Foxtail, green
Broadleaf Weeds Ragweed, common*
Lamb's quarters
Redroot pigweed
Eastern black nightshade*
Lady's thumb*

*Pre-emergence only, partial control.
**Some deep-germinating or late emerging plants may escape treatment.

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How it Works

  • Conquest LQ is a high-performance herbicide with two modes of action.
  • Effectively controls a wide range of problem weeds most commonly found in soybeans, including: ragweed, lamb’s-quarters, pigweed, nightshade, velvetleaf and the triazine-resistant strains.
  • Controls annual grasses like foxtail.
  • Conquest LQ can be used effectively in no-till systems.

When to Apply

A soil-applied, application of Conquest LQ provides excellent control of later-germinating weeds such as foxtail and nightshade.

Soil Applied

  • Soil application of Conquest LQ requires moisture for activation.
  • Precipitation which provides moisture to a depth of 5 cm is required within 7 days of application.
  • Shallow cultivation (4 cm) should be used to control weeds until such time as adequate precipitation is received.


  • Do not apply to metribuzin-sensitive varieties.

How Much to Apply

  • Packaged in two convenient dual-chamber jugs, the Conquest LQ liquid formulation is easy to use – no mess.

Application Rate

  • One case treats 30 - 40 acres, depending on application timing and soiil types.
  • This rate offers flexibility to tailor early pre-plant or pre-emergence applications for specific weed pressures and soil types.
  • Apply Conquest LQ 16 - 20 gallons of water per acre.

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill spray tank with half to three-quarters of the required amount of water and agitate.
  2. Add the required volume of Conquest LQ, ensuring the liquid from both chambers is added while agitating the spray solution.
  3. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed.
  4. Add the rest of the water.

Follow Crops

The following crops may be grown safely the year following an application of Conquest LQ.

Field Corn
Spring Barley
Spring Wheat
Winter Wheat*

*May be planted 100 days following last Conquest LQ application.

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x 2.53 L Pursuit + 6.88L Sencor
Product Article #: 59011602
Gross Weight of Package: 21.5 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs
Pallets/TL: 24
Units/TL: 936 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below 5 °C
Protect from temperatures above 30 °C

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