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In a single post-emergent application Clean Sweep lets you take control of your weeds on contact, all season long.

  • Works on contact with emerged weeds and through residual soil activity.
  • Season-long residual weed control for IP and conventional soybeans.
  • Controls a broad spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds including: ragweed, velvetleaf, foxtail and nightshade.

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Weed Management

Weed Class List of Weeds
Broadleaf weeds controlled Bird rape
Common ragweed
Eastern black nightshade
Hairy galisoga
Lady’s thumb
Redroot pigweed
Shepherd’s purse
Wild buckwheat
Wild mustard
Broadleaf weeds suppressed Canada thistle
Field bindweed
Yellow nutsedge
Grassy weeds controlled Barnyard grass
Green foxtail
Witch grass
Yellow foxtail
Grassy weeds suppressed Large crabgrass
Proso millet
  • Winter wheat may be grown 100 days after the application of Clean Sweep or Pursuit®.
  • Conduct a field bioassay (a test strip grown to maturity) the year before growing any other crop.

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How it Works

  • Clean Sweep attacks emerged weeds through the leaf and roots and stops them before they can reduce yield.
  • It remains active in the soil, controlling weeds throughout the season.
  • One pass delivers full season protection.

When to Apply

Clean Sweep should be applied in soybeans when the weeds are small and actively growing.

  • Research has shown the optimal time to apply Clean Sweep is between 14 and 24 days after planting (or burndown).
CropSoybeans: Cotyledon to 3rd trifoliate
Broadleaf weeds 1- to 4-leaf stage
Grassy weeds 1- to 4-leaf stage

How Much to Apply

One case of the Clean Sweep herbicide tank-mix will treat 20 acres. Each case contains 2 split chamber jugs, each treating 10 acres.

  • Each jug contains 1.26 L of Pursuit herbicide and 7 L of Basagran® Forté herbicide for optimal weed control.
  • Pursuit is applied at 126 ml per acre. Basagran Forté is packaged to conveniently use the 0.7 L per acre rate. Basagran Forté may also be applied at a rate of 0.5 L per acre rate, depending on weed species and stage of growth.
  • Apply at a rate of 10 - 30 gallons of spray solution per acre.
  • Always use a nitrogen source such as 28% UAN at .8 L per acre in the tank-mix.

Application Rate and Timing

Co-pack rate
Pursuit (126 ml/ac) + Basagran Forté (0.7 L/ac)

GrassesMaximum leaf-stage recommended
Barnyard grass 6-leaf
Green foxtail 4-leaf
Yellow foxtail 4-leaf
Broadleaf WeedsMaximum leaf-stage recommended
Bird rape* 6-leaf
Cocklebur 6-leaf
Flower-of-an-hour 6-leaf
Lady's thumb 6-leaf
Lamb's quarters* 6-leaf
Wild mustard 6-leaf
Eastern black nightshade 4-leaf
Redroot pigweed* 12-leaf
Common ragweed* 6-leaf
Shepherd's purse 6-leaf
Stinkweed 6-leaf
Velvetleaf 8-leaf
Weeds with reduced competition or partial control
Canada thistle Up to 20 cm
Yellow nutsedge Up to 20 cm
Field bindweed** Up to 6 cm

*Including triazine-resistant strains
**Suppression only

Mixing Instructions

  1. Fill tank with half to three-quarters of the required amount of water. Agitate.
  2. Add the required amount of liquid fertilizer.
  3. Add the required amount of Pursuit herbicide while agitating.
  4. Add the required amount of Basagran Forté herbicide while agitating.
  5. Add the rest of the water.
  6. To ensure thorough mixing, continue mixing or circulate the spray mixture in the tank for five minutes before spraying begins.
  7. Continue agitation until spraying is completed.

Follow Crops

The following crops can follow Clean Sweep in the rotation:

Adzuki beans
Black beans
Dutch brown beans
Field corn
Imazethapyr tolerant (Clearfield®) canola
Kidney beans
Processing peas
Spring barley
Spring wheat
White beans
Yellow eye beans

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 2 x split chamber jugs - 1.26 L Pursuit & 7 L Basagran Forté
Product Article #: 59010399
Gross Weight of Package: 21.3 kg
Units/Pallet: 36 Cs
Pallets/TL: 26
Units/TL: 936 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures below 5 °C
Protect from temperatures above 30 °C

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