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Helps give you the perfect balance between canopy growth and fruit production in apples.

  • Apogee plant growth regulator is a unique production management tool for apple orchards that reduces vegetative growth allowing a balance between canopy development and fruit production
  • In addition to reduction of vegetative growth, Apogee will suppress fire blight (Erwinia Amylovora) infection, resulting in reduced incidence and severity of the disease on shoots and leaves
  • Apogee does not have direct antibiotic activity against the fire blight bacteria, but Apogee can decrease host susceptibility

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How it Works

  • Apogee acts within apple trees to inhibit the biosynthesis of gibberellin, which is the natural plant hormone that regulates cell elongation
  • Inhibition of gibberellin therefore reduces shoot growth. Vegetative growth suppression with Apogee typically lasts 2 - 5 weeks per application during the current growing season

When to Apply

  • Make the first application of Apogee when shoots have 2.5 - 7.5 cm of new shoot growth. Correct timing of application is critical to success
  • Repeat applications as needed (up to a maximum of 4 applications per season) for control of vegetative growth and suppression of fire blight

How Much to Apply

  • Apply Apogee to actively growing trees with ground equipment using an air blast sprayer at rates and stages listed on label
  • Rates will vary depending on tree size and vigour. In general, rates range from 810 - 1350 gram product per hectare

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Product Specifications

Size (units x size): 4 x 2.27 kg
Product Article #: 59010742
Gross Weight of Package: 10.8 kg
Units/Pallet: 20 Cs
Pallets/TL: 26
Units/TL: 520 Cs
Warehouse Stack Height: 4 High
Heated Storage: Protect from temperatures above 40° C

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