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Clearfield®, Clearfield-Confirm, the unique Clearfield symbol, Odyssey®, Pursuit® and Viper® are registered trade-marks of BASF Agrochemical Products B.V.; CLEAN SWEEP® and MERGE® are registered trade-marks of BASF Canada Inc.; COTEGRA™, DYAX™, FACET™, NEALTA™, NEXICOR™, and ZIDUA™ are trade-marks and AGCELENCE®, ALTITUDE FX®, APOGEE®, ARMEZON®, ASSIGNMENT®, BASAGRAN®, CABRIO®, CANTUS®, ERAGON®, HEAT®, INSURE®, INTEGRITY®, KIXOR®, KUMULUS®, LANCE®, OPTILL®, OUTLOOK®, POAST®, POLYRAM®, PRIAXOR®, PRISTINE®, SERCADIS®, SOLO®, STAMINA®, TWINLINE®, VIVANDO®, XEMIUM® and ZAMPRO® are registered trade-marks of BASF SE; FORUM™ is a trade-mark and CARAMBA® is a registered trade-mark of BASF Agro B.V.; INVIGOR® and LIBERTY® are registered trade-marks of BASF; SECOMPLA™ is a trade-mark and AgSolutions®, BANVEL®, CONQUEST®, DISTINCT®, DYVEL®, ENGENIA®, FLO RITE®, FRONTIER®, HEADLINE®, MARKSMAN®, NODULATOR®, PROWL® and SOVRAN® are registered trade-marks of BASF Corporation; all used with permission by BASF Canada Inc.

INSURE CEREAL FX4, INSURE CEREAL and/or INSURE PULSE fungicide seed treatments, and ACROBAT, CABRIO PLUS, CANTUS, CARAMBA, COTEGRA, DYAX, FORUM, HEADLINE, LANCE, LANCE AG, NEXICOR, PRIAXOR, PRIAXOR DS, SERCADIS, and/or TWINLINE fungicides should be used in a preventative disease control program.

ALTITUDE FX2 can only be used on wheat varieties with the Clearfield trait

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CENTURION® is a registered trade-mark of Arysta LifeScience North America.

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