Clearfield lentil growers reminded to report total acres this year

WINNIPEG, MB February 19, 2013 – BASF Canada is reminding growers that 2013 marks the second year that the multi-year Clearfield® commitment for lentils will be in place.

Those who signed up in 2012 for the multi-year agreement will only need to report the varieties that they are growing and register their total acres this year. Previously, growers were required to sign a new Clearfield Commitment for lentils each year.

“We’re committed to ensuring that the Clearfield Production System remains the best way to grow lentils,” says Danielle Reid, Associate Market Manager – Clearfield, BASF Canada. “With the change from an annual to a multi-year commitment, the process became simpler and much more efficient. However, as with any change in process, we want to ensure that growers know exactly what they need to do.”

In January 2012, BASF announced that growers could sign up for a multi-year Clearfield Commitment for lentils. By initially signing the Clearfield commitment and registering Clearfield lentil acres in subsequent years, growers are eligible for product support and AgSolutions® Rewards on those acres. 

“I like the multi-year commitment for Clearfield lentils,” says Grant MacDougall, a grower from Craven, Sask. “You sign up once and you’re good to go. No more paperwork every year; it just saves a lot of time.”

The Clearfield Commitment for lentils is an agreement between a Clearfield lentil grower and BASF Canada. In addition to completing and signing a multi-year Clearfield Commitment, growers agree to Clearfield-confirm® test all seed used in the Clearfield Production System for lentils — which will ensure the seed used has the Clearfield herbicide tolerances. Testing for the 2013 growing season will again be done free of charge at one of several prairie seed labs.  A full listing can be found at

Growers looking for more information about the multi-year Clearfield Commitment for lentils should speak with their local BASF Clearfield lentil retailer or call AgSolutions Customer Care at 1-877-371-BASF (2273).

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