Mobility in new Priaxor DS gets to the root of disease control

MISSISSAUGA, ON, January 10, 2013 – A new highly-mobile active ingredient is making waves in the fungicide market for pulse crops. New Priaxor™ DS fungicide leverages the new active ingredient XEMIUM™ to provide consistent disease control and resistance management for Canadian pulse growers.

“This is one of the first times we’ve seen a fungicide product with the unique ability to redistribute itself on the leaf surface for more continuous and consistent disease control,” says Jason Leitch, Fungicide Brand Manager at BASF Canada. “It’s the new generation of carboximide chemistry that makes Priaxor DS so unique and hard-working to quickly penetrate and bind to the leaf surface.”

As one of the active ingredients in Priaxor DS, XEMIUM delivers unique mobility for ongoing disease protection throughout the plant life cycle. After just one pass, XEMIUM protects the crop from disease and remains on the plant surface to provide more constant activity on key diseases. 

Thomas Eppinga, a grower from Alberta, took part in a research trial of Priaxor DS in 2011. He saw the multiple modes of action with one pass as a key differentiator. “A main benefit was the one-time application,” says Eppinga. “Summers are really short here, and we don’t want to spend all our time on the sprayer.”

Since it also contains the active ingredient found in Headline®- Priaxor DS provides the unique AgCelence® benefits of greener leaves, stronger stems, and higher yields. In grower-applied field trials in 2011 Priaxor DS demonstrated an average yield increase of 3 bu/ac over competitor treatments in field peas and 1.5 bu/ac over competitive treatments in lentils. Many growers also noted significant protection against anthracnose in lentils and mycosphaerella blight in field peas.

“Using Priaxor DS saved us a grade this year, and the yield benefit was a bonus,” says Eppinga. “When we physically pulled plants, there were 17 pods on the [Priaxor DS] plants. We pulled one on the check, and there were only three. We knew there would be a huge yield benefit there.”

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