Link between disease management and yield verified with 2011 Yield Challenge

Disease management has a positive effect on yield.

Mississauga, ON, December 7, 2011 – Disease management has a positive effect on yield. That was a key take away from the 2011 BASF Yield Challenge. As the only head-to-head challenge of its kind in Western Canada, the BASF Yield Challenge gives growers an opportunity to test existing and new innovations, often before they are registered.

One such innovation was the use of HEADLINE® on canola. Recently registered on canola, HEADLINE fungicide provides effective protection against alternaria (black spot) and blackleg. The highly-mobile blackleg disease infects the plant and surrounding seedlings, causing plant lodging and stem rot. The result is significant yield loss if not controlled.

BASF Technical Development Specialist, Russell Trischuk, has been monitoring the provincial disease survey results, which have shown an increase in blackleg prevalence and incidence across the Prairies. He is concerned about the effect such a disease can have on yield. “Blackleg is one disease that impacts yield, without the grower even knowing it was there,” he says. “Like any disease pressure on a crop, left uncontrolled it reduces the plant’s ability to reach its maximum genetic potential, inevitably impacting final yield.”

At the 2011 BASF Yield Challenge, the link between disease management and yield was undeniable. In 68 canola trials HEADLINE provided an average yield increase of more than 3 bu/acre over the untreated check.

“In each of the HEADLINE trials, regardless of a significant yield benefit, there was always an observed physiological benefit indicating the product did its job,” notes Trischuk. “When disease pressure is low and the plant remains healthy, the plant can meet its full yield potential.”

A complete list of canola diseases and subsequent yield impact is available through the Canola Council of Canada. Visit to view full results from the 2011 BASF Yield Challenge.

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