Big Win by Humboldt, SK Farmer "an absolutely perfect fit"

BASF contest winner gets an innovative new herbicide and sprayer to apply it, all in time for the cropping season

WINNIPEG, MB, May 5, 2011 – Gordon Mueller of Humboldt, SK beat the odds and will beat the weeds this year, as the grand prize winner in the BASF 2011 Heat®/RoGator® Contest. Mueller receives use of a new, high-clearance sprayer along with a case of Heat herbicide, which he’ll be able to put to use on his farm this year.

“It was a pretty big shock,” said Mueller. “I’ll certainly put the RoGator to good use. I was intending to switch to a high-clearance sprayer next year, so this is an absolutely perfect fit for me.” Mueller’s 3,500 acre farming operation includes canola, peas, wheat, oats, barley and lentils.

As the winner, Mueller gets the use of an AGCO 1194 Self-Propelled RoGator Sprayer for one year or 200 hours (whichever comes first) along with enough BASF Heat herbicide and Merge® to treat 640 acres. The total value of the prize is over $54,000.

Heat herbicide, containing the new active ingredient KIXOR®, is one of the most recent innovations BASF Canada has brought to the crop production market. “BASF is excited to bring this new technology to Canadian farmers,” says Joel Johnson, BASF Brand Manager for Western Herbicides. “We’re also pleased to be able to partner with AGCO to provide Heat herbicide as well as a RoGator to a deserving grower this season. And the timing is perfect, since the 2011 growing season is just getting underway.”

Registered in 2010 for use as part of a pre-seed or chemfallow burndown, Heat provides fast, complete control of the toughest broadleaf weeds, including weeds with resistance to glyphosate and Group-2 herbicides.

Kochia is one such tough weed that Heat plus glyphosate will control.  “I did my own personal trial on 60 acres with Heat last year and I like how it worked. I had some kochia issues so I did a pre-seed burndown with Heat and glyphosate before seeding my peas,” noted Mueller. “The Heat made kochia a non-issue in peas. So, I have a good home for the Heat I won this year plus another 400 acres.”

Local BASF Business Representative, Karen Dow, personally delivered the news of the win to Mr. Mueller and his family. “The couple is so grateful,” said Dow. “They’d been planning to get a high-clearance sprayer for 3 years now. Gordon has just purchased two tanks for hauling water so they are totally set up for the addition of this sprayer. The timing was great.”

Mueller saw the promotion for the Heat/RoGator contest in an advertisement and entered his name at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show in January of this year. The contest was open to all farm residents across the Prairies and the Peace River Regional District of British Columbia.

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