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Lentil growers to have full access to all available Clearfield lentil varieties in 2010

For the 2010 growing season, lentil growers will now have full access to all six Clearfield® lentil varieties.

SASKATOON, SK, December 10, 2009 - For the 2010 growing season, lentil growers will now have full access to all six Clearfield® lentil varieties. These varieties, which span every market class, deliver to growers all the benefits of the Clearfield Production System for Lentils in their preferred market category. 

Varieties with full availability now include:

  • CDC Imperial CL (extra small red)
  • CDC Impala CL (extra small red)
  • CDC Impact CL (small red)
  • CDC Maxim CL (small red)
  • CDC Impress CL (medium green)
  • CDC Improve CL (large green)

The success of Clearfield lentils has been spreading rapidly across lentil growing regions in Saskatchewan and Alberta since their launch in 2007. Much of this success is driven by the fact that they’ve provided growers with the opportunity to achieve complete, crop-safe weed control in lentils. Mark Kuchuran, senior technical development specialist with BASF Canada estimates that 50% of all red lentil acres will be Clearfield varieties in 2010. Kuchuran also expects that Clearfield lentil green varieties, which were released to certified seed growers for increase one year following the red varieties, will account for 10% of green lentil acres in 2010. 

The Clearfield system provides growers with superior weed control, resulting in cleaner fields and higher yields. Growers have the choice of a variety of registered products, including:

  • ODYSSEY® DLX herbicide, which offers premium grassy weed control with true 1-Pass flushing weed control;
  • SOLO® herbicide that balances rotational freedom with solid weed control, including tough grasses and targeted broadleaf weeds.

Clearfield lentil growers can also benefit from Headline® fungicide, which provides exceptional disease control with unique plant health benefits, allowing for an easier harvest with higher yields and improved crop quality.

As in previous years, growers producing Clearfield lentils in 2010 are required to sign a Clearfield Commitment, whether they purchase pedigreed seed or are re-growing seed from on-farm production. This Commitment helps ensure the sustainability of the Clearfield trait by identifying the rights of BASF and responsibilities of Clearfield lentil growers who use the technology. By working together, BASF, growers and seed sellers can ensure that the full benefits of Clearfield lentils will continue to be available to growers long into the future. 

For interested growers, following are the steps to producing Clearfield lentils:

  • Purchase Clearfield-Confirm® tested Clearfield lentil seed
    • A Clearfield -Confirm test ensures the Clearfield seed has not co-mingled with non-Clearfield seed.
  • Visit your preferred Clearfield Lentil Retailer to:
    • Sign the Clearfield Commitment,
    • Buy a registered Clearfield herbicide,
    • Discuss the 2010 GrowForward Reward savings on BASF herbicides, fungicides and seed treatments.

For more information about the Clearfield Production System for Lentils growers can contact AgSolutions® by BASF at 1-877-371-BASF (2273) or visit 

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