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2010 Clearfield Canola Variety Additions

Four new varieties expand growers herbicide-tolerant options across all canola markets

BASF Canada is announcing the addition of four new varieties for the 2010 Clearfield® Production System for Canola: high-performing hybrid BrettYoung 5525 CL; Brassica juncea varieties XCEED 8470 and XCEED 8571; and NX4-202 CL, a specialty oil variety.

“With the addition of these new Clearfield canola varieties, growers now have multiple herbicide-tolerant options, whether they’re growing hybrid canola, specialty-oil canola or canola oil quality juncea,” says Harley House, Clearfield Brand Manager, BASF Canada. “BASF is proud of the seed partnerships it has forged and the resulting breadth of strong varieties available. This depth in genetics combined with innovative Clearfield canola herbicides and value-added offers, creates a win-win for canola growers regardless of the type of canola they grow.”

New BrettYoung 5525 CL is the highest yielding Clearfield hybrid ever registered through the Western Canadian Canola and Rapeseed Recommending Committee trials, yielding 126 percent of Q2/46A65 checks in co-op trials. In addition, it offers medium height, excellent lodging resistance and medium maturity. It also offers a solid disease package with resistant ratings to both Blackleg and Fusarium wilt. BrettYoung 5525 CL will have full availability for 2010.

The two new Clearfield XCEED canola varieties provide the first ever herbicide-tolerant Brassica juncea options. XCEED 8470 and XCEED 8571 each offer increased stress tolerance to frost, heat and drought, and their pod-shatter resistance provides the opportunity to straight-cut combine without swathing for improved harvest efficiency. XCEED 8470 has good yield potential with earlier maturity than last year’s XCEED 8570. XCEED 8571 yielded 105.5 percent of Napus checks (2006-2008) and is rated resistant to Blackleg. Both will be available through Viterra® for the 2010 season, XCEED 8470 with limited availability, and XCEED 8571 with full availability. Solo®, Odyssey® and Equinox® herbicides are registered for use on XCEED canola at this time.

New Omega-9 specialty oil variety NX4-202 CL* will be available in limited quantities in 2010 through Dow AgroSciences. NX4-202 CL is a medium height variety with good lodging resistance and medium maturity. It’s rated resistant to Fusarium wilt and moderately-resistant to Blackleg. Compared to InVigor® 5020, NX4-202 CL offers 9 percent higher net returns.

In addition, the Clearfield Production System for Canola also offers innovative herbicides specifically for the high-performing hybrids and Nexera varieties. Tensile™, Odyssey DLX and Absolute®, for example, are each uniquely designed to help growers tackle specific, tough weed issues in their fields. Tensile provides superior wild buckwheat control compared to glyphosate. Odyssey DLX provides broad-spectrum flushing weed control, specifically targeted at controlling cleavers and heavy grassy weed pressure. And, Absolute offers the best control of tough broadleaf weeds like Canada thistle.

When growers purchase Clearfield canola and sign the Clearfield Commitment (the annual license to grow Clearfield canola), they qualify for additional benefits through three value-added programs. The Clearfield Advantage offers $2 per acre off Clearfield canola herbicides, $1 per acre off BASF seed treatment and herbicide purchases for growers’ cereal acres, and re-spray coverage. In addition, for every 160 acres of Clearfield hybrid or Clearfield Nexera seed ordered by January 31, 2010, growers will receive a $250 Future Shop gift card, up to a maximum of $1,500. Finally, through GrowForward Rewards, growers can save up to 10 percent on registered Clearfield herbicides and 20 percent on Lance® fungicide.

Complete details regarding the Clearfield Production System for Canola can be found at Growers can also check out the Clearfield canola play-by-play action delivered by sports-like broadcaster Steve Spofford this fall and winter. Spofford’s canola critiques are available on the Canola Growers Network at and on

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*NX4-202 CL variety characteristics are based on 15 Nexera canola megaplot sites conducted across Western Canada in 2008.

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