Reliable protection starts on seed. And doesn’t stop there.

Using both an inoculant and a seed treatment will give soybeans the early advantage they need to emerge consistently, grow successfully and take on the agronomic challenges of the season.

Give your soybeans a kick start.

You can’t control what’s in the soil, but you can control what goes on your seed. Learn how seed treatments and inoculants can help you achieve success from the get-go.

Not all inoculants are created equal.

It’s often thought that all inoculants are the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Matching the strain to the host crop and growing conditions is crucial for maximized nitrogen fixation and yield potential.

The tools you’ll need this season.

Make sure soybeans get the start they deserve. Set your soybeans up for success with the best seed treatments and inoculants from BASF.