We have an impressive history of pulse innovations. But it’s the future we’re focused on.

For over 40 years, BASF has focused on helping growers get more from their pulse crop through innovative products and sound advice. Learn more about major crop production challenges and explore best-in-class solutions for every stage of your operation.


Crop Establishment

Seeding conditions can be tough, so why not give your crops a head start? Learn how different seed varieties, seed treatments and inoculants can start off your season for success.

Weed Management

Weeds can rob your crop of the water, nutrients and sunlight needed to maximize yield. Discover solutions with unique chemistries to keep your fields clean all season long.

Disease Management

Effective disease control requires a preventative application for best results. Learn about strategies for managing early- and late-season diseases to preserve yields and maximize returns.

Harvest Management

Harvest is a busy time of year. Applied at the proper stage, your pre-harvest application can speed up your dry down and increase field uniformity. The result? Higher harvest efficiency.

Pulse Herbicide Timing Guide

See the optimal pea and lentil stages for an effective herbicide application.

Agricultural Product Guide

Explore what BASF has to offer throughout the season, complete with application rates and timing.

Other pulses

Growing dry beans, chickpeas or faba beans? We've got solutions for those too.

Growing lentils

Learn about major challenges in lentil production and strategies to best tackle them.

Growing peas

Learn about major challenges and strategies for managing them.

Pulse Agronomy Guide

Overcome the challenges of pea and lentil production to get the most out of every acre.

Pulse Solutions Guide

There are many reasons to be proud of Canadian agriculture — and it starts with our ever-increasing production of pea and lentil crops. Count on us for solutions that fit your pulse production.