Because yield isn’t built in a day.

Maximizing your canola’s yield potential isn’t limited to one part of the season – it spans from seeding to harvest. See how our innovative portfolio can help maximize your crop’s yield potential throughout the season.

Application Timing.

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Facet L

Superior control of cleavers in a unique liquid formulation.


Post-emergent control of the toughest grassy weeds in canola, flax and pulses.

Liberty 150

Liberty 150 herbicide offers unique Group 10 mode of action for dependable, fast, broad-spectrum grassy and broadleaf weed control with exceptional crop safety.

Heat LQ (pre-harvest)

Applied pre-harvest with glyphosate, Heat® LQ herbicide speeds up crop and weed dry down to improve uniformity, harvestability and storability. Tank mixing provides exceptional control of broadleaf and perennial weeds, for a cleaner start next season. Suitable for all types of canola, including Clearfield®, Liberty Link® and Roundup Ready® varieties.


Selective post-emergent weed control for field corn. Compliments glyphosate for superior chemfallow and post-harvest control.



Moving systemically through the crop, Lance fungicide delivers preventative protection against sclerotinia stem rot and alternaria black spot in canola.


New Nexicor™ fungicide delivers a higher level of blackleg management with three effective modes of action. The results are increased yield potential and profits to match.


Bringing in a new era of sclerotinia management, Cotegra® fungicide combines two leading actives, boscalid and prothioconazole in one liquid pre-mix. The result is industry leading performance against sclerotinia across a broad range of crops, including canola, pulses and soybeans

2019 Canola Solutions Guide

Filled with agronomic information and innovative solutions, it's your must-have guide for growing canola this season.

InVigor hybrid canola

InVigor® hybrid canola addresses a wide range of challenges and growing conditions to bring top-performing yields and innovation to fields across Western Canada. Click on the link below to discover all of the benefits InVigor has to offer.

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